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TSC Tuesday Lunch

Tuesday January 13, 2009 12:30pm-1:30pm; Crystal Room

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  • pre-meeting note by Calvin - Note for future meeting: dissolution of Scheduling workgroup in progress, going into O&O and Patient Administration, who will update Mission and Charter to accommodate; package to the board at future date.

Call to order 12:58pm

  • Attendees: Calvin Beebe, Woody Beeler, Marc Koehn, Austin Kreisler, Lynn Laakso, Ken McCaslin, Charlie McCay, Chuck Meyer, John Quinn, Gregg Seppala, Ioana Singureanu, Helen Stevens Love, and Ed Tripp
  1. Agenda additions to Architecture Rollout
    1. Quorum expectation for Kyoto meeting
      • IHIC meeting May (8th and) 9th in conflict with TSC Saturday meeting in Kyoto.
      • We will meet anyway, accepting the conflict; no problems were identified.
      • Three committees so far PIC, Int’l Mentors, and …? won’t have co-chairs at Kyoto or won’t be meeting. GOM has no provision for interim cochair for absence, only for pending election. Cannot make quorum – based decisions, just defer to another meeting.
        • Request from PIC, meeting with no cochairs. They plan to ask the board for a mechanism to enable them to meet without co chairs. Charlie McCay informally surveyed the members; generally not in favor.
    2. Calvin requests a different agenda icon for international ballot than for US.
  2. HL7 Enterprise Architecture Implementation Project Partial Draft – for discussion only – presentation by Marc.
    • In response as directed by TSC: outline prelim info and confirm next steps.
      • Readiness for Weds Q3 and 4 (need to identify the advisory group from the internal stakeholders).
      • Readiness for Board meeting 1/13. (today?)
      • January 19th agenda item: Advisory Group makeup
    • Phases
      • Phase 0, prep for planning/ initiation, next three weeks
      • Phase 1 – Planning / initiation phase , <3 months, before Kyoto
      • Phase2 - …TBD in Phase 1.
    • TSC responsible for developing the Business Architecture to drive the implementation. ArB responsible to develop Enterprise Architecture Specification( EAS)
    • Flip Chart Contents
      1. Alpha Project oversight and support with (not BAP) EA-IP
      2. Ball is already in motion.
        • May need engagement during Phase 1. What is needed?
        • Projects are starting (what is the criteria for alpha project, what support)
        • Kyoto conference – what do we need to produce by then?
        • Stakeholder involvement, momentum maintenance, vs “kickstart”
      3. Are there SAEAF deliverables (from or for ArB) dependent on our project phases, or we depend upon? Behavioral Framework?
    • How many in the thought leader advisory group? Woody says a couple have already been identified to participate from MnM (are they on the project team or the advisory group?).
    • What are we reporting tonight to Board.
    • Need development of draft Phase 1 project documentation prior to Jan 19th TSC call. Will add notional plan/approach and preliminary budget.
      • Check to see if we’re comfortable so far with the approach. We know there’s “not enough substance yet” but determine whether we agree to proceed …

Adjourn 1:40PM