Jan 2008 WGM

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TSC Meetings

  • Monday evening plenary
    • HQ announcements
    • Website redesign update
    • CEO Report – Charles Jaffe
    • CTO Report – John Quinn
    • ARB Report – Charlie Mead
    • TSC Report – Charlie McCay
    • Open Mic Session – All
    • The TSC plenary is directly followed by separate meetings for each of the Steering Divisions
  • Sunday evening 5pm-8pm Chula Vista
    • Objectives for 2008
    • SDO collaboration (ISO/CEN/HL7 and IHE)
    • Issue Management Process
    • Product and Services Strategy
      • Representative for taskforce
    • TSC communications activity
    • Planning for TSC and SD meetings on Monday
    • Out of cycle
    • ARB composition
      • vote to approve members
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Project Services Committee approval
    • Ballot Publishing Quality (and IBM proposal)
    • Committee formation and dissolution process
  • Tuesday Lunch meeting (Frio)
    • Hot topics from TSC and SD meetings
    • Planning for May 2008 WGM

Note: Everyone will help themselves to the main buffet and take it to the room. Place settings and drinks will be there. The group may want to get a head start on the buffet (before 12:30 pm). == Other TSC activity at WGM

  • Affiliates Meeting Sunday
    • Presentation: [1]

Suggestion that we produce a Tech News newsletter

  • Tuesday am report at morning session
  • Board meeting