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All, Here is the summary of what I captured during the Board Lunch of May 2nd 2007. Karen reports she and staff are already working on 1.a. below. [Fischetti]


  1. Construct of Volunteers – Consensus on construct of volunteers (below the executive level) as put forth by the T3F.
    Action – BoD vote. Deadline - mid May meeting or 3 weeks before first election.
    1. HL7 HQ will generate the first draft of a charter based on T3F document (page 2 T3F document).
      Action – HL7 Staff. Deadline – 3 weeks before first election.
    2. T3F documents that this construct is designed to exist with or without the CTO.
    3. HL7 needs to develop communication materials for this document prior to the election. Most of the documentation can be reused from the OCR activities.
  2. Technical Directorate Authority – Consensus on decision authority, lines of responsibility and reporting structure for TD, CTO, BoD, CEO.
    1. Structure and Governance and T3F will jointly work on this issue and be ready to brief by mid May.
      Action S&G/T3F proposal. Deadline – ASAP so the Board can discuss mid-May.
  3. Timeline for Elections – Consensus on when TD rolling elections will begin. June 2007 or September 2007. BoD needs to come to consensus on items #1 and #2 before this can be decided.
    Action BoD vote. Deadline Mid-May meeting.
  4. Hiring of CTO – Consensus that the TD can be established during a period of ambiguity when it is unknown when a CTO will be hired.
    Action – BoD vote. Deadline - mid May meeting or 3 weeks before first election.
  5. Future work –
    1. Create organizational diagram.
    2. In an iterative manner document, refine and communicate roles of each TC member and TC committee. (Most likely this will start with the T3F proposal as baseline.)
    3. Support TD with Policy and Procedure Changes.
    4. Develop transition plan for whenever the CTO is hired. Dependant on outcome of #4 above, who is the organizationally appropriate person to do this work?)
    5. Discuss TD term overlap with TC cochair election cycles.