Formal mechanism for raising an issue with the TSC

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There needs to be a mechanism for raising an issue to be addressed by the TSC, and for tracking the progress of such issues. Given that the TSC is likely to delegate dealing with issues it will be vital that issues can be easily tracked and maintained.

Suggested approach

Suggest that issues be tracked on a wiki, much as MnM hot topics are tracked -- with meeting agendas being set to include links to issues to be reviewed at that meeting.

Issues should be endorsed by the relevant committees before being raised to the TSC, or at least there should have been a reasonable (and demonstrable) effort made to have the issue addressed by the relevant committee. Issues may be presented to the TSC with the support of the committee(s) in question, or as an appeal against the decision of the committee.

Issues should include concrete proposals for actions to be taken and/or changes to procedural or technical documents.

The collection of all issues raised (open and closed) should be maintained as available to the membership. Issues should be tracked through to the point that they have been fully actioned. It is not good enough to decide what should happen - the TSC will also take remedial action if those intentions are not carried through.

This process, once agreed by the T3F/TSC should be documented in a place that will be found by the membership. Candidate places include: Policies and procedures document, co-chairs handbook, publishing facilitators handbook. It is recommended that it be documented in the co-chairs handbook.


  • Are (any of) the decisions of committees final, or can any committee decision be appealed to the TSC?
  • Where is the harmonisation process documented and maintained (this requires a similar exposure)?