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Parker, Beeler, Blobel, Buitendijk, Case, McCay, McCaslin, Hall

Adopted Agenda

Process Discussion with Frieda and Ken
Involving key groups and individuals.
Finalize Koln WGM space/time needs
Logistics - Meeting support and technology & e-mail lists
Meeting in conjunction with Harmonization (March 13-16 in Las Vegas)
Focus on the Agenda Topic List

Project Life Cycle Team Discussion - Hall, McCaslin

Group's remit ends shortly after Transition ends.

Key features - have a process but must be iterative (not waterfall)

Sought peer review. No interest until announcements last week. Is now, and Peer Review closes Feb 15

Suggesting "project Facilitator" in each Committee

Results of a project will be used, and for standards ultimate focus is a normative standard.

T3F will need to assign steps in new structure to assure Life Cycle is alive and workable in new structure, including roles of TD, Technical Committees and relationship of TD to successor to the Project Life Cycle effort.

T3F will designate Jim Case as point person to Project Life Cycle

Suggest that the final proposal for the process be Life Cycle team documents, and the final proposal on responsibilities for the steps and maintenance of life cycle be in T3F documents

Questions to ToT

Is Strategic Initiative Document being Maintained? (Needs to be updated by each team as it progresses.) How does ToT remain aware of what each team is doing?

Outreach and Participation

Hl7 Board appointed Virginia Lorenzi to fill the open slot. Logistics and timing prevented Virginia from attending this meeting, but the T3F looks forward to her participation

Groups for T3F Direct Liaison - with designated contact:

  • Project Life Cycle - Case
  • Transition Oversight - Buitendijk
  • TSC - McCay
  • ARB - Parker

T3F will provide a standing invitation to the Chair(s) (or their designee) to attend T3F Meetings (Beeler to do)

Finalize Koln WGM space/time needs

Sunday night joint session

T3F Face-toface meetings 7AM -8AM Tuesday and Thursday

Open Mike session - We will ask Linda how we might get a flexible locale either at breaks or one evening

Craig Parker agreed to follow up with HQ on these.

Logistics - Meeting support and technology & e-mail lists

GotoMeeting plus HL7 Conference Call service (Beeler)

Three HL7-supported mail lists (Parker):

  • Mail List "to" T3F members
  • T3F Public list
  • T3F Internal list

Meeting in conjunction with Harmonization (March 13-16 in Las Vegas)

No. Full group not available

Remaining topics deferred for lack of time, included

Focus on the Agenda Topic List

Agenda topic list (being built, suggest items)

Core challenges. Each with
Success Criteria and Time box
Communications strategy

Action item list

Refine the steps from minutes of 20070104 into action items
Classify and propose actions on items in document trove
Assemble agenda topic list