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Draft WGM Minutes


Implementation : Jennifer Puyenbroek , Jason Rock, Frank Oemig ITS: Paul Knapp SOA: Ken Rubin, John Koisch, INM: Grahame Grieve, Scott Robinson, Vocab: Russ Hamm, Ted Klein Security: Bernd Bloebel Templates: Galen Mulrooney Java: none M&M: Lloyd McKenzie

Jan 29th Minutes approval: 4/0/3

  • The TSC has asked each committee to provide a Roadmap/Strategic plan detailing what the work group is planning to develop for the next 1-3 years. A three-year roadmap would be preferable. The detail is intended to be minimal and plan is intended to be reviewed and revised yearly.
  • Additionally, the work groups have been asked to provide a brief SWOT analysis of their group.

ARB has a project to look at re-organizing committees and responsibility for different topics. Begin with data-collection about personal and committee interests and then hopefully evolve to agreed list of potential changes (or perhaps agreement that no changes are necessary).


The committee endorse the idea of exploring reorganization committees and/or their responsibilities and artifacts. Lloyd/Jennifer 7/0/0


Dynamic Model Framework project scope statement reviewed but the participants requested more time to review the proposal. The attendees felt that they did not have sufficient information to make a decision.

Motion to table approval decision on project scope statement to next conference call: Ken, Bernd 5/0/2


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