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FTSD - Foundation & Technology Steering Division

Monday, Sep 17th, 2007


Conformance - Frank Oemig, Charlie McCay

Infrastructure & Messaging - Grahame Grieve, Scott Robertson, Doug Pratt

Implementable Technology Specifications (ITS) - Paul Knapp

Java - Peter Hendler

Modeling & Methodology - Lloyd McKenzie, Dale Nelson, Woody Beeler, Ioana Singureanu

Security - Mike Davis, Glen Marshall, Bernd Blobel

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) - Alan Honey, John Koisch, Ken Rubin

Templates - Galen Mulrooney

Vocabulary - Stan Huff, Ted Klein, Russell Hamm

Agenda items

  1. Meet and Greet - We did.
  2. Plan conference call schedule - agreed to every other week, Tuesday Noon Eastern, starting October 2nd, 2007
  3. Determine SD list server subscription policy - Agreed should be available to all HL7 Co-chairs
  4. Designate SD representative to Technical Editing Project Advisory Committee - Ioana Singureanu is designated representative
  5. Proposal to promote SOA from SIG to TC
    • Motion (Ken Rubin, Scott Robertson): The SD to recommend that SOA SIG to become a TC. Proposed charter statement is available: http://hssp.wikispaces.com/TC_Charter01
    • Motion to table (Beeler, Marshall) until Conference call on Oct. 2nd - carried 19-0-0
  6. Decision Making Practices for SD – agreed to start with a draft modifications of the new TSC decision making practices as available on the Wiki. Woody agreed to make the changes to that document and make it available on the wiki in next few days.