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Fndn&Tech Steering Divn - Face-to-Face(date above)

Meeting Information

Conference Call is scheduled for 0.5 hour,
Tuesday 12:00 PM to be repeated every other week
Please consult http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock for your local times
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Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270 (Passcode: 943627)
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Steering Division Members:

  • Application Integration & Design (AID)
  • Implementable Technology Specifications (ITS)
  • Conformance & Guidance for Implementation/Testing(CGIT)
  • Infrastructure & Messaging (InM)
  • Modeling & Methodology (MnM)
  • Security
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Templates
  • Vocabulary


P. Committee
Implementable Technology Specifications (ITS)
X Paul Knapp
X Dale Nelson
. Andy Stechishin
X Wendy Huang
X Frank Oemig
X Melva Peters
X Rober Snelick
Infrastructure and Messaging
. Patrick Loyd
X Tony Julian
. Dave Shaver
X Sandy Stuart
Modeling & Methodology (MnM)
X Woody Beeler
X Jean Duteau
X Lloyd McKenzie
. Ravi Tatarajan
. Ioan Singureanu
RIM-Based Application Architecture (RIMBAA)
. Peter Hendler MD
. Amnon Shabo PhD
X Rene Spronk
X Bernd Blobel PhD
. John Moehrke
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
. Don Jorgenson
X Ken Rubin
. Ann Wrightson
X Galen Mulrooney
X Mark Shafarman
. Douglas Baird
X James Case
. Heather Grain
X Russell Hamm
. William Ted Klein
. Beverly Knight
X Rob Hausam


  1. (02 min) Roll Call
  2. (03 min) Approve Previous Minutes & Accept Agenda
  3. (10 min) Role, status and use of data types Release 1 as Data Types Release 2 becomes Normative
    Summarize discussions with MnM and ITS
    Identify current issues
    Plans for resolution in Sydney and later
  4. (15 min) Consideration of how to schedule F-F at WGM
    See Previous Minutes - November 30
  5. (10 min) Discussion of why/wherefore of steering division(s).
    See Previous Minutes - December 14
  6. (10 min) Update FTSD Decision Making Practices
    Draft DMP (also sent to list) by Tony Julian
  7. (5 min) Other Business

Agenda items

Called to Order at 19:05 Sydney(GMT + 10) Woody as Chair, Tony as Scribe

1. Roll Call:

2.a Motion to approve minutes of the December 14 Concall. Galen/Sandy

2.b Motion to approve agenda Lloyd/Jim Case.

3. Role, Status and use of DT R1 as DTR2 becomes normative.

MnM decided to express in DTR2 going forward. There was an agreement that items could be updated as DTR1 when backward compatibility is necessary. Content approved prior to September 2011 will be published as DTR1. Backwards compatiblity of Standard Product Label requires DTR1. It will be discussed by MnM, to set infrastructure version for the future.

Dale Nelson: In between DTR1 and DTR2 there was a request for DTR1.1. ITS created DTR1.1 as an informative representation. SPL is based on DTR1.1. This will be discussed Thursday Q1 in MnM.

Take-away - decisions such as this should be published in the HL7 newsletter - and noted in the minutes.

TSC minutes will be given color commentary by one of the co-chairs at the SD meetings. (Tony agreed to do so).

NOTE: Item 5 was considered before Item 4 by concensus.

5.Discussion of why/wherefore of steering division(s).

What is responsibilty of co-chairs to communicate to the members?

Ken: There is no need for repeating the minutes of the meeting. But a synopsis of the content would be of benefit.

Woody discussed the history of the T3F, and the creation of the Steering divisons. Board wanted TSC to have fewer co-chairs on the TSC, so formed Steering divisions, where debates could be raised, and communications held. This does not seem to have happened.

?Could it be because TSC is meeting weekly, instead of quarterly. TSC is being attended well. Board is delegating more to the TSC than it did in the past. Other divisions are not surfacing coordination issues - the problems have not gone away. Ken: I am concerned that things are slipping through the cracks. Raising issues from the floor does not appear to be working. Maybe each call designated committee(s) could report current issues. Galen: I like that idea. Would like to hear reports from MnM/InM.

Woody: MnM facilitated roundtable on thursday night sumarizes the issues discussed during the meeting. This is the laundry list for MnM for the next cycle.

Ken: Only time we have forced overlap is when new project scope or ballot hits.

4.Consideration of how to schedule F-F at WGM.

There was a motion to hold a steering division meeting Q1 every WGM. This was overturned (refer to minutes of Telcons FTSD-ConCall-20101130). This issue was not appropriately attended in the telcon.

Ken: Decisions by FTSD can be applied to the rest of the week. In SOA in Q1 we five ramp-up Q1 the first time we meet - it has resulted in additional attendees, and works for recruiting. I put motion on list in writing on the list, but only three people showed for the call. Doing it Monday Q1 would allow groups with multiple co-chairs to assign one to the meeting.

Jean: I followed it on the e-mail list. My question I had then, why do you think this quarter is any less important than any others?

Ken: Based on the last 4-5 SD meetings, people wanted to do other things. In addition we are not fresh in this time-slot. Those committees who feel pressed to move on during Q1 can send a representative.

Paul: ITS uses Q1 to set up the decisions for the week - if we could use that time to discuss items needing agenda time. FTSD earlier in the day would be better than later in the day.

Lloyd: Face-to-Face?

Paul: Yes based on this week.

Grahame: I was negative to filling up a quarter, which sounds like a breakfast meeting.

Dale: What is magic about Monday Q1, when Sunday Q4 is possible.

Russ: Vocab uses Sunday Q3 or 4 for planning.

Jean: As a newbie, the history seems to be after the TSC meeting.

Woody: Issues are available after saturday night.

Ken: Nothing magic about Monday Q1. I did not suggest we cancel Monday Q6, but add monday Q1.

Rene: If we have the extra time, how are we going to populate it with content. If you dont have content, I wont be there. This eveing we are discussing administrivia.

Ken: I dont disagree. If we dont have an agenda, we cancel the meeting.

Mead: How far ahead do you set your agenda?

Grahame: We have to set the room during this meeting for the next meeting. For personal scheduling I can go when I want to.

Rene: What is the F-F for?

Paul: Hot topics?

Rene: We dont have any.

Paul: We handled a hot-topic tonight. It was published to be dealt with later.

Ken: There was concern in Cambridge about work that was shuffled aside for several cycles.

Woody: I agreed that we should do better agend planning. FTSD co-chairs need to notify work groups of topics. I dont know how else to do it - this is the best time - we get most of the people here. If we move to Q1 or other time we will loose people.

Jean: This quarter is reserved for SD's.

Bernd: I like leaving the SDO meeting for Sunday Q4. All chairs should be there.

Mead: I dont find the SDO meeting to be enlightening.

Woody: I would like to see us book a formal quarter. The idea is not substance, but agenda planning for Monday.

Lloyd: Co-Chairs would be responsible to inform other co-chairs.

Woody: Chair entertains motion to hold meeting Sunday Q4 with the objective of putting divisional hot topics on the agenda for Monday Night. Galen/Lloyd (7,1,1)

6.Update to FTSD DMP.

Woody: DMP was presented.

Ken: Suggest that we add back in proxy. Without proxy, calls would not reach quorum. Delegate vote to others.

Lloyd: Introduction of proxy would not buy us much. Realisticly if you have fewer than 4 on the call, you would not have session.

Bernd: As a SD we have obligations - the proxy mechanism is a fake, not content.

Lloyd: Another strategy - we could get the attendance added to the work group pulse.

Ken: Move to adopt, and add proxy statement. Second Berndt.


ITS: Affirm,

IC: Abstain

InM Affirm

Mn: No


Security No

SOA : Affirm

Templates NO

Vocab: No

Motion fails. LLoyd move unchanged. Second Paul.

ITS: Affirm

IC: Aff

InM Affirm

Mn: Aff


Security Aff

SOA : No

Templates Yes

Vocab: Yes

7. RIMBAA used the phrase "The version 3 implementation committee". Meet with I/C to discuss futures to avoid overlap. Software implementation would work to RIMBAA or replacement. Not overlap with tooling. RIMBAA will continue to discuss with other committees.

8. Schedule for Telcon. Doodle poll for time for calls. First call will be schedules on 1/25/2011 at the current time.

We will do electronic vote after doodle poll if necessary.


Action Item List

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