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Foundation and Technology Steering Division Workgroup Meeting

FTSD - Foundation & Technology Steering Division


  • Implementable Technology Specifications (ITS)
    • Charlie McCay
    • Paul Knapp
    • Dale Nelson
  • Implementation/Conformance
    • Jason Rock
    • Frank Oemig
  • Infrastructure & Messaging (InM)
    • Grahame Grieve
    • Sandy Stuart
    • Tony Julian
  • RIM-Based Application Architecture (RIMBAA)
  • Modeling & Methodology (MnM)
    • Ioana Singureanu
    • Lloyd McKenzie
    • Woody Beeler
  • Security
    • Mike Davis
    • Bernd Blobel
    • Glen Marshall
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
    • Ken Rubin
    • Galen Mulrooney
    • Richard Soles soles@omg.org
    • John Koisch
  • Templates
    • Mark Shafarman
  • Vocabulary
    • Ted Klein
    • Beverly Knight
    • Russ Hamm


1. (05 min) Introductions

2. (10 min) Announcement: Work Group Health - spreadsheet Ff the information in the spreadsheet is correct, then work groups that received a score of 5 or greater may need to investigate the root cause and let the SD know if there are any issues. Typically, our work groups appear to be working productively.

3.(10 min) Announcement: SWOT and Three-year planning: The TSC is looking for each committee to provide a SWOT analysis and a Three-year planning spreadsheet identifying the major projects and their milestones. Lynn Laakso has aligned the projects in the SD with to an objective in the HL7 Roadmap. We need to look at those project that are not aligned with a roadmap objective. Either the roadmap is incomplete or the project is not in the roadmap.

2. (05 min) Call for additional agenda items

  • "Security cookbook" for HL7: how do we adopt it? The cookbok for security threat assessment is intended to help committees evaluate their artifacts.
  • Beverly Knight indicated that an ad-hoc "Glossary project" was initiated by Heather Grain who is active both in ISO members and a co-chair of Vocab work group. This informal project is intended to align glossary items between the two SDOs. Publishing work group is currently managing the glossary but the request for collaboration came to Vocabulary work group. Woody Beeler will work with Beverly and Heather to identify the best way to coordinate and publish the resulting artifacts.
  • Galen Mulrooney asked that the ArB representatives communicate clearly when they are making a request on behalf of the ArB and when they are simply submitting a personal request.
  • Ken Rubin asked what is the procedure to extend the trial use period for a DSTU. Charlie McCay that this procedure should be documented in the GOM and it will added if it is not included in the GOM already. Publishing would initiate the removal of an expired DSTU by consulting the work group first.
  • Ken Rubin proposed a RASCI chart to roll out the SAEAF and manage the responsibilities of the various work groups in the steering division. Charlie indicated that the SAEAF is not as fast as expected.

Agenda items

Action Item List

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