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Fndn&Tech Steering Divn - Conference Call (date above)

Meeting Information

Conference Call is scheduled for 0.5 hour,
Tuesday 12:00 PM to be repeated every other week
Please consult http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock for your local times
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Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270 (Passcode: 943627)
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Steering Division Members:

  • Application Integration & Design (AID)
  • Implementable Technology Specifications (ITS)
  • Conformance & Guidance for Implementation/Testing(CGIT)
  • Infrastructure & Messaging (InM)
  • Modeling & Methodology (MnM)
  • Security
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Templates
  • Vocabulary


P. Committee
Implementable Technology Specifications (ITS)
X Paul Knapp
X Dale Nelson
. Andy Stechishin
X Wendy Huang
. Frank Oemig
. Melva Peters
. Rober Snelick
Infrastructure and Messaging
. Patrick Loyd
X Tony Julian
. Dave Shaver
. Sandy Stuart
Modeling & Methodology (MnM)
. Woody Beeler
. Jean Duteau
. Lloyd McKenzie
. Ravi Tatarajan
. Ioan Singureanu
RIM-Based Application Architecture (RIMBAA)
. Peter Hendler MD
. Amnon Shabo PhD
. Rene Spronk
. Bernd Blobel PhD
X John Moehrke
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
. Don Jorgenson
. Ken Rubin
. Ann Wrightson
X Galen Mulrooney
. Mark Shafarman
. Douglas Baird
. James Case
. Heather Grain
. Russell Hamm
. William Ted Klein
X Beverly Knight
. Rob Hausam
. Lynn Laakso


  1. (05 min) Roll Call
  2. (05 min) Approve Previous Minutes & Accept Agenda
  3. (15 min)http://wiki.hl7.org/index.php?title=Cookbook_for_Security_Considerations
  4. (15 min)ITS request for Invitation to participate in ITS call on project scope
  5. (15 min)Formal Relationship with IHTSDO and HL7
  6. (5 min) Other Business

Agenda items

Action Item List


Motion to accept Minutes Beverly/Galen. (5-0-0)

John Moehrke discussed the Security cookbook to discuss the next step. They would like to see the cookbook adopted within HL7, advised to be used by workgroups - would like for it to be mandatory. There is desire for public comment, but unclear for the appropriate approval, since it is a process.

Lynn Laakso suggested that an informative ballot has a precedent.

John stated that a public comment is desired by the security work group. It is target to the standards developer.

Lynn suggested that MnM be involved since it is methodology.

Galen - send query to TSC about it, or should be handled at Steering Division. Dale - Remind at the FTSD level. The question is how do we handle organizational things.

 Tony will communicate with Woody and Austin.
  • ITS request for Invitation to participate in ITS call

Dale Nelson: ITS is inviting FTSD members to participate in and ITS call, to discuss the advancement of a project scope statement centered around a contentious issue - Some standards are based on datatypes R1. There is a proposal to begin a project that will deliver an ITS data-types 1.2 and structures 1.2 and xslt transforms in order to provide another branch of ITS's for SPL, CPA and so forth. The idea is that the project would show us how to do this, and appear in the ballot on May. If successful, the larger community could decide whether to move forward on this fork.

Paul Knapp: This project scope statement goes against the pattern of using only ISO datatypes in the standards. ITS need participation from other work groups. Would like to avoid the same problem they had with HDATA.

Beverly Knight: I like the idea for a PS to define the project, then another to ballot the material.

Dale Nelson: Do we approve the project - there are opinions on whether it should be done at all.

Paul Knapp: the question is not whether we are capable - the question is should we?

  • Vocab: Briefing Note Formal Relationship with IHTSDO and HL7

Beverly: There is increased focus on SNOMED-CT, so we should develop a formal relationship with IHTSDO. ITHSDO is having only one F-F a year. Paul: It is a great idea. Lynn Laakso: It should go to ORC - Ken McKaslin. Adjournment at 11:53. A julian 17:54, 22 February 2011 (UTC)

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