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Please vote on the PSS for the PHER WG. Enter your name and WG along with your vote. 1 vote per WG. Poll open until 2/19/2012 unless quorum is reached earlier. Link to Document:

PSS: Immunization History with Forecast

  • Summary - Passed (8/0/0/4)
    • Number of participants: 8
    • Most popular option: Affirmative
    • Votes in favor: 8
    • Comments: 4
    • Non-participating work groups counted as abstaining solely for the purpose of counting quorum: 0
co-chairs Affirmative Negative Abstain
Peter Park, Emergency Care OK
Hugh Glover (Pharmacy) OK
Edward Helton(RCRIM) OK
Jim McKinley (AWG) OK
Rob Savage(PHER) OK
Brett Marquard (SDWG)
Dianne Reeves (CIC) OK
Joy Kuhl (Child Health) OK
John Rhoads (DEV) OK
Count 8 0 0

NOTE: Brett Marquard (SDWG) voted Affirmative but was changed to a no vote. SDWG is not a part of DESD.


Name Date Time Comment
Peter Park Sunday, January 29, 2012 7:52:39 AM GMT-12:00 A good Immunization History is often problematic for Emergency Medicine physicians to obtain. The successful implementation of this work could be of great assistance to providers in this clinical arena. Thus this body of work proposes to be of the highest level of interest to the Emergency Care Work Groups members. PJP.
Hugh Glover Sunday, January 29, 2012 5:09:11 AM GMT-12:00 a) I'd like to see this state in its description / need that it is US realm specific- at present this is only visible from the flag in section 7

b) Assuming it is US Specific is there any risk that it sets a precedent for any other realm? If so what steps will be taken to mitigate the risk of prejudicing their requirements? I think the risk is probably small, but I'd like to see it acknowledged.

Edward Tripp Wednesday, February 1, 2012 7:09:51 AM GMT-12:00 The updated document (link below) was provided by Rob Savage to address comments by Hugh Glover'

Updated PSS Immunization History

Hugh Glover Wednesday, February 1, 2012 9:30:59 AM GMT-12:00 I appreciate the efforts everyone has made to address my concerns.

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