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Please vote on the PSS for the CQI WG. Enter your name and WG along with your vote. 1 vote per WG. Poll open until September 2, 2015.

Link to PSS Link to PSS

Work Group Health: Green Review of PBS Metrics: Green


    • Number of participants: 9
    • Most popular option: Affirmative
    • Votes in favor: 8
    • Comments: 0
    • Non-participating work groups counted as abstaining solely for the purpose of counting quorum:


' Affirmative Negative (with comments only) Abstain
Floyd Eisenberg (CQI) OK
John Kiser (RCRIM) OK
John Roberts (PHER) OK
Edward Helton BRIDG OK
John Hatem (Pharmacy) OK
Russ Leftwich (PCWG) OK
Laura Heermann (ECWG) OK
John Walsh (Anesthesia) OK
John Rhoads (DEV) OK
Count 7 0 2


Comments '
John Hatem Thursday, August 13, 2015 5:15:27 o'clock PM GMT Please spell out all of the acronyms in the document. It helps with understanding the PSS to folks not as familiar with the subject as others. Also a question, it appears that QUICK does not exist yet. Is that true and will the development of QUICK also be part of this PSS?