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T3F - Transitional Technical Task Force

Tuesday Apr 10, 2007 12:00 PM (US Eastern Time, GMT -5)


Beeler, Buitendijk, Hamill, Lorenzi, McCay

Minutes & Agenda

Approved the Agenda and the Minutes from April 03, 2007

Status of tasks for Cologne Deliverable (see 3/27 Minutes)

We discussed briefly the deliverables set out two weeks ago for the "Cologne Deliverable," as:

    • Beeler - TD organization documentation
    • McCay - Advancing "Success Criteria" statement
    • Lorenzi - Responsibilities for TD
    • Case - Decision making Practices
    • Parker - Time-line (tactical plan for establishing TD)

We reviewed (and modified) the preliminary outline for the "T3F Cologne Deliverable". We agreed to maintain this on the Wiki, using the assigned responsibilities as included in the outline. We adopted a goal of having edited material for people (ourselves) to review and have it available by midnight Sunday. This will allow us to review it on the call of 4/17, with a view to finalizing it 4/24 for Cologne.

Architecture Project

We discussed the task of defining an "Architecture" for HL7. We agreed that definition and maintenance of an Architecture should be discussed in the "Success Criteria", "Responsibilities" and "Relationships" sections of the deliverable document. We also agreed that the Architecture effort that has been started should continue to progress in Cologne.

In discussion, it was noted that Architecture defines the common elements among our efforts, their relationships to each other and the relationships to other specification architectures. Answers to questions of "When I do use what technology?" or "How do I do SOA within HL7?" should be based on the Architecture, but not embodied in it.

We propose that the Architecture should be a Project that is defined and managed by the T3F, where the project participants include both T3F members and others. The goal should be to have a defined Architecture draft at about the same time that the TD is established (September WGM). At that point, the project becomes a TD project, that will proceed to seek formal adoption of the Architecture as an "HL7 Informative Document." To that end, a project proposal should be drafted for review in Cologne. (Bernd Blobel)

Adjourned at 1:30 pm