2015-10-04 SGB WGM Agenda

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HL7 Standards Governance Board Meeting Minutes

Location: Georgia 6

Date: 2015-10-04
Time: 3:30 PM U.S. Eastern
Chair: Paul Knapp Note taker(s): Anne W.
Quorum = chair + X yes/no
Co chairs x Paul Knapp .
ex-officio x Ken McCaslin x John Quinn, CTO
Members Members Members Observers/Guests
x Calvin Beebe x Lorraine Constable x Russ Hamm x Anne W., scribe
Tony Julian x Austin Kreisler x Rik Smithies .
x Ted Klein


  1. Roll Call
  2. Discussion Topics:
    • Process for second co-chair selection
    • Terms for initial chairs
    • Slides for co-chair dinner
    • Management vs. Governance
    • Should the SGB Listserve be open or closed?
    • Creation of DMP
    • Creation of SWOT
    • Review Mission and Charter
    • Coordination with FGB, HTA, Vocab, and other groups

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  • Discussion Topics:
    • Process for second co-chair selection
      • Calvin puts his name forward for the second co-chair
      • MOTION to appoint Calvin as co-chair for a one year term. Second by Austin.
      • VOTE: all in favor
    • Terms for initial members
      • One year: Calvin, Austin, Lorraine
      • Two years: Russ, Rik, Paul
      • ArB rep (Tony), CTO, and TSC rep are ex oficio
    • Slides for co-chair dinner
      • Discussed and created slides for Monday
    • Discussion regarding when this group will meet at next WGM
      • Will look for a quarter on Sunday
  • Adjourned at 5:00 pm

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