2014-09-15 DESD WGM Agenda

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Roll call

  • Introductions of members and Quorum

Review Agenda

Approval of Minutes from Phoenix



Co-Chair Elections September - PLEASE VOTE

  • Reminder: Co-chairs are expected to retain their membership. Section of the GOM states “Should a seated co-chair experience a change in membership status due to either the loss of individual membership or loss of membership by their organization or Affiliate; that individual shall immediately step down from the position of co-chair.” Co-chairs that do not renew their membership will receive notification that they need to renew ASAP. If they do not renew, the co-chairs of the appropriate work group will be notified that the position is up for interim election then regular election at the next WGM.
  • Thank you to all co-chairs that have stood
HL7 DESD Agenda


Date: 2014-09-15
Time: 7:00-8:30 pm CDT
Facilitator John Roberts Note taker(s) Melva Peters
Steering Division Work Group Co-Chairs up for Election
Domain Experts Anatomic Pathology John David Nolen
Attachments Jim McKinley
Community Based Collaborative Care Jonathan Coleman (INTERIM)
Clinical Interoperability Council Mitra Rocca
Emergency Care Peter Park
Health Care Devices John Garguilo, Allen Hobbs (resigned)
Public Health and Emergency Response Joginder Madra, John Roberts

First Time Attendees (FTA)

Project Scope Statement Submision Deadline

  • The HL7 Project Management Office (PMO) and the Publishing Work Group want to advise you of an important deadline on Sunday, September 28th.
  • Project Scope Statement for new standards document projects – The Word template for new projects is available here: PSS Template. *Additional instructions are included in the package.
  • Work Groups intending to submit new project scopes for the upcoming January 2015 ballot cycle need to submit their scopes before this date.
  • As always, Work Groups will need to monitor the progress of their scope statements to ensure that they obtain Steering Divisions and TSC approval before the ballot opening date of December 12th.
  • You can review all the publishing calendars here: Publishing Calendar
  • If you have questions about Project Scope Statements, please contact pmo@hl7.org
  • Work Groups are reminded that DESD has a 3 week cycle for electronic votes so all PSS are needed as soon as possible to meet the September 28th deadline

Updates from the TSC

  • Work Group meeting scheduling tool - being rolled out this WGM
    • Tutorials being offered this week - Thursday 7am, lunch, 5pm
    • Please sign up!

Help Desk

  • Help Desk Support and Problem Escalation

Help Desk Support WG Engagement

Work Group Health Review


  • Congratulations to Attachments, CIC, CQI, Emergency Care, Health Care Devices, Patient Care and Pharmacy

PBS Metric Review

File:PBS Metrics 2014SEP 20140829.xls

Projects Older than 5 years

New Business

Project Scope votes

  • Reminder to WGs that PSS must be forwarded to the PMO AND to the DESD Co-chairs for e-vote. If you only send to the PMO there may be delays in getting the PSS out for e-vote.
Pharmacy Template Project
CQI Project

File:QRDA Category I Release 3 PSS PID210 09.05.2014.docx

M&C votes

Emergency Care M&C

DESD Governance

  • Reminder to WGs to ensure that DMP, Mission and Charter and SWOT are reviewed every 3 years
  • There are new DMPs published and all WGs need to review the new DMPs and either adopt the default or submit their updated DMP by the end of the January 2015 WGM.
    • Default - DEFAULT (for WGs that wish to adopt the default without changes)
    • Generic - GENERIC (for WGs that wish to make changes to the default DMPs)
    • The Default and Template DMP documents have been revised and are now at verion 4.0. Every work group should either use the Default or make the adjustments necessary to the Template, move that the document be accepted by the Work Group, and if the measure passes, document the action in the minutes, and send a copy of the document to the DESD Co-chairs and to Lynn (HQ).
    • SWOT updates can be emailed directly to Lynn (HQ).
    • Mission and Charter must be approved by the Steering Division - please forward to DESD Co-chairs for e-vote.

Supporting Documents

  • See links above - hard copies will not be provided


Actions (Include Owner, Action Item, and due date)
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items