2014-01-20 DESD WGM Agenda

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Roll call

HL7 DESD Agenda

Location: Frio

Date: 2014-01-20
Time: 7:00-8:30 pm EDT
Facilitator John Roberts Note taker(s) Melva Peters
Attendee Name Affiliation
? Victor Brodsky Anatomic Pathology
? Martin Hurrell Anesthesia
? John Walsh Anesthesia
? Durwin Day Attachments
? Craig Gabron Attachments
? Jim McKinley Attachments
? Michael Padula Child Health
? Feliciano Yu Child Health
? Yan Heras Clinical Genomics
? Amnon Shabo Clinical Genomics
? Mollie Ullman-Cullere Clinical Genomics
? Edward Hammond Clinical Interoperability Council
? Mitra Rocca Clinical Interoperability Council
? Anita Walden Clinical Interoperability Council
? Dianne Reeves Clinical Interoperability Council
? Chris Millet Clinical Quality Information
? Floyd Eisenberg Clinical Quality Information
? Crystal Kallem Clinical Quality Information
? Walter Suarez Clinical Quality Information
? Suzanne Gonzales-Webb Community Based Collaborative Care
? Richard Thoreson Community Based Collaborative Care
? Max Walker Community Based Collaborative Care
? Melva Peters Domain Expert Steering Division
? John Roberts Domain Expert Steering Division
? Laura Heermann Langford Emergency Care
? James McClay Emergency Care
? Peter Park Emergency Care
? Todd Cooper Health Care Devices
? John Garguilo Health Care Devices
? Allen Hobbs Health Care Devices
? John Rhoads Health Care Devices
? Stephen Chu Patient Care
? Kevin Coonan Patient Care
? Elaine Ayres Patient Care
? Hugh Leslie Patient Care
? Michael Tan Patient Care
? Russell Leftwich Patient Care
? Laura Heermann Langford Patient Care
? John Hatem Pharmacy
? Hugh Glover Pharmacy
? Scott Robertson Pharmacy
? Melva Peters Pharmacy
? Joginder Madra Public Health Emergency Response (PHER)
? Ken Pool Public Health Emergency Response (PHER)
? John Roberts Public Health Emergency Response (PHER)
? Rob Savage Public Health Emergency Response (PHER)
? Edward Helton Regulated Clinical Research Information Management (RCRIM)
? Donald Jaccard Regulated Clinical Research Information Management (RCRIM)
? Edward Tripp Regulated Clinical Research Information Management (RCRIM)

Review Agenda

Approval of Minutes from Cambridge Meeting

Cambridge DESD WGM Minutes - DRAFT


Co-Chair Elections May 2014

Steering Division Work Group Co-Chairs up for Election
Domain Experts Clinical Genomics Amnon Shabo
Domain Experts Clinical Quality Information Floyd Eisenberg
Domain Experts Clinical Quality Information Walter Suarez
Domain Experts Community Based Collaborative Care Richard Thoreson
Domain Experts Health Care Devices John Rhoads
Domain Experts Patient Care Stephen Chu

Project Scope Statement Submision Deadline - February 2, 2014

  • Project Scope Statement for new standards document projects must be submitted by February 2nd
  • The Word template for new projects is available here: Project Scope Statement Template
  • Additional instructions are included in the package.
  • WGs intending to submit new project scopes for the upcoming May 2014 ballot cycle need to submit their scopes before this date.
  • WGs will need to monitor the progress of their scope statements to ensure that they obtain Steering Divisions and TSC approval before the ballot opening date of March 28th.

Updates from the TSC

  • Reminder about submission of Meeting room requests for May meeting - email from Lillian on January 16th - due 1 week after San Antonio
  • Work Group Minutes must be posted within 2 weeks of the WGM

Work Group Health Review

PBS Metric Review

PBS Metrics January 2014

  • Review 5 year old projects

5 year old projects

New Business

  • Review and Approval of Anatomic Pathology M&C

Anatomic Pathology M&C

Project Scope votes

  • Review and Approval of HQMF R2 Project


  • Review and Approval of Pharmacy IDMP Project

Pharmacy IDMP

  • Emergency Care PSS

ECWG PSS - Updated

DESD Governance

  • eVote procedures
    • Open period - wording previously said "will remain open for 3 weeks unless quorum is reached sooner"
    • Last DESD meeting - WGs asked that we leave open for the full 3 weeks so that more WGs could vote.
      • Stats for eVotes since September 2013 WGM haven't shown that there is an increased percentages of voting WGs
    • Propose that we go back to leaving open until Quorum is reached

Supporting Documents

  • See links above - hard copies will not be provided


Actions (Include Owner, Action Item, and due date)

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items