2013-11-21 TSC UDI Task Force

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Meeting Info/Attendees

HL7 TSC Meeting Minutes

Location: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/134453157

Date: 2013-11-21
Time: 4:00 PM U.S. Eastern
Facilitator: Paul Knapp Note taker(s): Lynn Laakso
Quorum not defined
Attendee role
x Nagesh Bashyam Drajer
x Hans Buitendijk Siemens
x Todd Cooper DEV cochair
x Erin Fields FDA
regrets 11/21 Christian Hay GS1
x Wendy Huang CGIT
x Paul Knapp FTSD co-chair, UDI Task Force Chair, ITS and FM cochairs, FMG
x Austin Kreisler TSC
x Brett Marquard SDWG
x John Moehrke GE
x JDL Nolen
x Brian Pech KP
x Terrie Reed FDA informatics and ONC with UDI incorporation into certification activities
x John Rhoads cochair DEV
x Scott Robertson Pharmacy co-chair
x Tania Snioch GS1 Australia
x Pat Van Dyke EHR cochair, ADentalA liaison


  1. Roll Call
  2. Review draft agenda
  3. Task Force
    Definition: a purpose tasked committee with a lifetime to match the issue
    Objectives: to define a conceptual model for UDI to ensure interoperable implementation across the suite of HL7 standards (v2, v3 message4, v3 CDA, FHIR
    Goals for today:
  4. Next steps
  5. Adjourn


Minutes/Conclusions Reached:
convened at 4:08 PM

  1. Roll Call
    • Paul reviews the design spreadsheet
      • document with the harmonized pattern also reviewed
      • supplemental serial number as second serial number or business case for serial + lot number - cannot confirm with no representatives on today's call.
      • Nagesh asks about cardinality of udi vs di. DI is the mandatory part of the udi and the FDA would like to see users validate the DI.
      • Austin notes that the pattern is referring to V3 datatypes but needs to be conceptual across paradigms.
  2. Next steps
    • Paul will send the updated pattern document around for suggestions. Paradigm specific areas can create addenda to specify representation in V2, V3, etc.
    • Bring the addenda together with the pattern and have a call in a few weeks on Dec 12th
    • Once the document is signed off it can go to an out of cycle harmonization.
  3. Adjourn 5:02 PM

Next Steps

Actions (Include Owner, Action Item, and due date)
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Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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