2013-09-23 TSC WGM Minutes

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Day Date ' Time Icon Event Chair Scribe Room
Monday 23 Sep 2013 AM Q1
Q5 Business med.gif TSC Monday Co-Chairs Dinner/Meeting
Austin Kreisler Lynn Laakso Charles View Ballroom
- - - Collect food/drink from buffet
TSC Co-chairs Dinner
17:30 - 17:40 Welcome, sponsor introduction and TSC Chair Report Austin Kreisler, TSC Chair
17:40 - 17:50 Update from HQ

- Reminders:

New co-chair training – Th 7am – Room Paul Revere B

Karen Van Hentenryck
17:50 – 18:00 CTO Report John Quinn
18:00 – 18:10 Ballot Report Don Lloyd
18:10 - 18:15 Methodology and Harmonization Report Woody Beeler, MnM
18:15 - 18:25 CMETs Andy Stechishin
18:25 - 18:30 Intro to UDI Terrie Reed
18:30 - 19:00 Membership Benefits update Chuck Jaffe
19:00 - 20:00 Steering Division Meetings

Domain Experts- Thomas Paine B
Foundation and Technology - Paul Revere B
Structure and Semantic Design - Thomas Paine A
Technical and Support Services - Paul Revere C

DESD Thomas Paine B
FTSD - Paul Revere B
SSD SD - Thomas Paine A
T3SD - Paul Revere C


Meeting Information

HL7 Co-chairs dinner/meeting

Location: President's Ballroom

Date: 2013-09-23
Time: 17:15-21:00pm EDT
Facilitator Austin Kreisler Note taker(s) Lynn Laakso
Quorum Requirements Met: n/a


  1. Welcome and TSC reports - Austin Kreisler, TSC Chair
  2. Update from HQ - Karen Van Hentenryck, Lillian Bigham
    • Reminders:
      press release forms
      meeting minutes to http://www.hl7.org/permalink/?UploadMinutes
      Updates to Facilitator List
      Rooming needs next WGM
      Draft agendas for next WGM
      New co-chair training – Th 7am – Room: Paul Revere B
  3. CTO Report - John Quinn, CTO
  4. Ballot Report - Don Lloyd
  5. Methodology and Harmonization Report - Woody Beeler, MnM
  6. CMET Presentation - Andy Stechishin
  7. Intro to UDI - Terrie Reed
  8. Membership Benefits Update - Chuck Jaffe
  9. Adjourn to Steering Division meetings


Austin convenes at 5:40 PM. Austin gives an update with a slide presentation.

  • Keith Boone asks about content review for outside US projects coming in.
  • Hans clarifies that the DSTU update choice within the guidance matrix is at the WG's discretion.
  • AMS asks about a reconciliation change for a major neg on a DSTU just balloted. Could they use a dot-release for resolving the negative. Austin notes that they can make the major change and publish as release 1. This guidance is with respect to updates to existing published DSTU. Further question on whether this must happen within the time window of the DSTU release. It was generally felt that a minor unballoted DSTU release would not re-set the DSTU clock.
  • Mid-tier group health metrics review received suggestion that this be done for the Board, but Austin notes that is outside the TSC area.

Karen discusses some HQ issues, requests sign in on attendance sheets and submit cochair evaluations. *She points out the revisions to the GOM and two important changes is the time in which you can sign up for a ballot - only until the day the ballot opens. Question raised on the reason for the change and it is due to seeking balance of interest before opening the ballot as an ANSI suggestion. Key members of organizations also no longer have proxy. Outstanding negatives where you cannot reach the balloter any longer may go to a recirculation ballot. Don Mon asks if someone leaves an organization with an outstanding negative the negative remains outstanding and you can seek recirculation. Hans asks about alternatives; ANSI's suggestions have not necessarily been more favorable. Harry notes he likes to look at what's in the ballot before deciding to vote. He is told you then must enroll, review and then abstain. Don suggests you enroll and vote abstain immediately until you decide if you wish to cast a vote. Don suggests they will increase the enrollment period to three weeks. Don Mon asks if this is effective for the January ballot cycle. This was affirmed.

  • Karen adds that the ANSI essential requirements will also be pulled out of the main GOM into a separate document subject to audit distinct from the HL7 internal working.
  • Linda Jenkins is moving into the Membership Director position
  • Joshua Carmody has left and Pete Swanson of CA will be starting October 1st.

John Quinn presents a slide show with his update.

  • Question by Hans on how many people were the surveys sent to? 222 of over 1000 responded, so over 10% response rate which is considered good. Hans asks about additional costs and benefits for the program, and John responds that it needs to be self-sustaining. Chuck Jaffe notes the Board will make a decision on the next steps.

Next, Don Lloyd presents the ballot report and requests feedback on how better to communicate the ballot timing events for multiple ballot opening/closings.

  • The ballot cycle for January is reviewed. A proposed opening for all ballots on a Friday (e.g. Dec 13) after a 6 week ballot countdown and 30 ballot announcement deadline. ANSI changes to close pool when ballot opens, T- 6 weeks would be NIB, content deadline would be four weeks. Final content deadline would be T-2 but proposes T-1 with a Friday open. Harry asks when the pools would open - it would be 30 working days so November 12 for ballot announcement deadline if possible. Ed Tripp suggests we put it on the calendar but Don notes that there is a V3, non-V3 and Voting ballot countdown schedule. AMS asks when people would join the ballot pool, Don suggests at least three weeks before ballot opening. AMS asks if people could join the pool to preview the content? The V3 content is available for preview but not all materials. Dale asks why four days of blank activity prior to Jan WGM? Don says he closes the ballots on Monday, he posts the ballot package, the WGs amalgamate their comments and then set their agendas.

Terrie Reed interjects her presentation on UDI

  • Unique Device Identification final rule to be published September 24th (tomorrow). Globally Unique Device Identification Database (GUDID) pronounced "good-i-d".
  • Question on when this will be applicable to instances of software. She is working with ONC for MU on implants. It may be in a MU on implantable devices in two years. Question is clarified if a vendor has 65 installations of their software are each installation's instance identified? She's not going there. Walter Suarez asks about beyond devices, devices will be two years from tomorrow. Jean Duteau asks about beyond U.S. - she cites an international device regulator's forum is considering it.

Woody notes on his slides that Harmonization is occurring a week later than normally, and instead of colliding with AMIA may occur later in the week.

Andy updates on CMETs and balloting must be indicated on the form for notification of intent to ballot.

Chuck describes his slide show on membership benefits.

  • Mollie U-C notes on queries from non-members and opportunities for charging non-members. She asks for language on funneling potential members to the appropriate channels. The Board will discuss it tomorrow, Chuck notes, and invites those that wish, to attend.
  • Harry clarifies that these benefits are for HL7 International members or for Affiliate members as well? It's intended for HL7 International, and negotiations will be undertaken for how to extend that into the Affiliate community.

Adjourned 7:09 PM