2013-09-23 DESD WGM Minutes

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HL7 DESD Agenda

Location: Thomas Paine B

Date: 2013-09-23
Time: 7:30-8:30 pm EDT
Facilitator Melva Peters Note taker(s) Mead Walker
? Victor Brodsky Anatomic Pathology
? John David Nolen Anatomic Pathology
Yes Martin Hurrell Anesthesia
Yes John Walsh Anesthesia
? Durwin Day Attachments
Yes Craig Gabron Attachments
? Jim McKinley Attachments
Yes Michael Padula Child Health
? Feliciano Yu Child Health
Yes Yan Heras Clinical Genomics
? Joyce Hernandez Clinical Genomics
Yes Amnon Shabo Clinical Genomics
Yes Mollie Ullman-Cullere Clinical Genomics
? Edward Hammond Clinical Interoperability Council
Yes Mitra Rocca Clinical Interoperability Council
Yes Anita Walden Clinical Interoperability Council
Yes Dianne Reeves Clinical Interoperability Council
? Chris Millet Clinical Quality Information
Yes Floyd Eisenberg Clinical Quality Information
? Crystal Kallem Clinical Quality Information
Yes Walter Suarez Clinical Quality Information
Yes Patty Craig Clinical Quality Information
Yes Suzanne Gonzales-Webb Community Based Collaborative Care
? Richard Thoreson Community Based Collaborative Care
? Max Walker Community Based Collaborative Care
Yes Melva Peters Domain Expert Steering Division
Yes Mead Walker Domain Expert Steering Division
Yes Laura Heermann Langford Emergency Care
Yes James McClay Emergency Care
? Peter Park Emergency Care
? Todd Cooper Health Care Devices
Yes John Garguilo Health Care Devices
Yes Allen Hobbs Health Care Devices
Yes John Rhoads Health Care Devices
Yes Stephen Chu Patient Care
? Kevin Coonan Patient Care
Yes Elaine Ayres Patient Care
? Hugh Leslie Patient Care
? Michael Tan Patient Care
? Russell Leftwich Patient Care
? Klaus Veil Patient Care
? Tom de Jong Pharmacy
? Hugh Glover Pharmacy
Yes Scott Robertson Pharmacy
? Melva Peters Pharmacy
? Joginder Madra Public Health Emergency Response (PHER)
Yes Ken Pool Public Health Emergency Response (PHER)
Yes John Roberts Public Health Emergency Response (PHER)
Yes Rob Savage Public Health Emergency Response (PHER)
? Edward Helton Regulated Clinical Research Information Management (RCRIM)
? Donald Jaccard Regulated Clinical Research Information Management (RCRIM)
Yes Edward Tripp Regulated Clinical Research Information Management (RCRIM)

Roll call

New co-chair and Thank you

  • Thank you to Mead Walker who has completed his term.
  • Welcome to John Roberts - term begins January 2014

Review Agenda

  • The agenda was reviewed and approved.

Approval of Minutes from Atlanta Meeting

Atlanta DESD WGM Draft Minutes

  • Ed Tripp moved approval of the Atlanta Minutes. Second by Rob Savage. The minutes were unanimously approved.


  • none

Updates from the TSC

  • TSC Chair
    • Austin Kreisler - retiring as TSC Co-Chair
    • Ken McCaslin - was elected as incoming Chair starting January 2014
  • ArB Chair
    • Ron Parker is stepping down as Chair
    • Tony Julien was elected to replace Ron as of the end of this week
  • US Realm Task Force
    • was created to look at the material that is being received by HL7 International
  • Task Force created to look at handling the IHE Balloting going forward
    • Governance Group Work Group Health
      • TSC and each of the SD will undergo Work Group Health measurement
        • will have updated measurements for January 2014 WGM

Nominations for Work Group Co-Chairs - January 2014

  • anyone running for co-chair, please submit supporting material to HQ in a timely manner
Steering Division Work Group Co-Chairs up for Election
Domain Experts Anesthesia Martin Hurrell
Attachments Durwin Day, Craig Gabron
Child Health Feliciano Yu
Clinical Genomics Joyce Hernandez
Clinical Interoperability Council Ed Hammond, Anita Walden
Community Based Collaborative Care Suzanne Gonzales-Webb, Max Walker
Emergency Care Laura Heermann Langford, Don Kamens
Health Care Devices Todd Cooper, Allen Hobbs
Patient Care Kevin Coonan, Hugh Leslie
Public Health and Emergency Response Ken Pool
Regulated Clinical Research Information Management Ed Tripp

Work Group Health Review

DESD WG Health

  • The review of our work group health notes some groups in Red, and several others showing yellow. Diane noted she had found an error in CIC’s ranking – she had it corrected. We find another possible error having to do with harmonization meeting participation.

PBS Metric Review

DESD PBS Metrics

  • We looked at the PBS metrics – these address the procedures surrounding projects. Note, if you have any questions, contact Dave Hamill.

New Business

Updates to Work Group DMPs, M&C, SWOTS and Interim Co-Chairs


  • We have an updated Mission & Charter from Healthcare Devices. Changes include giving more emphasis to work with FHIR, names of committees the group is working with were revised to track their organizational changes.
    • Motion for approval from Ken Pool, seconded by Ed Tripp. The approval was unanimously approved.
Action:  Melva will forward to Lynn at HQ

Project Scope votes

Clinical Genomics DIM PSS

  • The TSC has discussed programs that came forward, since they seemed to be mis-labeled, e.g., a logical model portrayed as a DAM. The TSC plans to provide more scrutiny. The clinical genomics group is concerned that its work be allowed to go forward, and that they not be penalized for the content of the work they carry out.
  • Much of this interest was generated by a proposal from clinical decision support that was voted as a DAM – but really should be considered to be a “logical model’. The question was asked – what is a logical model. Answer – the logical model lays down rules for an implementation, it has to be compatible with – make use of “RIM speak”. Annon notes that, in the clinical genomics group, they have all flavors of HL7 implementation – V2, V3, CDA, and expect PHIR. They wanted something to allow harmonization of that. We generally agree this could be called a “DIM”
  • Somewhat related – the history of the IHE Healthy weight ballot. Concern expressed about the idea of a ballot that we cannot comment on. This project was moved from PHER to the TSC, and there are discussions (a new task force) on how to address this general concern.
  • In any case, Clinical Genomics has a proposal for a Domain Information Model, that will be a UML model to address requirements within the clinical genomics demain. Mead suggests that the group consult with M&M. We also suggest that the plan not include multiple normative ballot rounds. The group will revise the proposal, and bring it up for eVote.

DESD Governance

  • Melva had sent out an updated Mission/Charter document for DESD. It includes SAIF updates, removal of PSWG, improved language. Motion for approval from Scott Robinson, seconded by Rob Savage. The approval was unanimously approved.


  • There were some editorial changes to clarify the language. Remove the list of WGs from this document, and refer to the Mission and Charter.
    • Motion for approval from Ken Pool, seconded by Anita Walden. The approval was unanimously approved.


  • Melva had sent out an updated SWOT document for DESD. It addresses some additional threats: new co-chairs, low votes on eBallots. SAIF is noted as a threat. Ed asks for more detail. SAIF seems a threat because the steering division members do not feel they understand it. We take out size of the group as a weakness.
    • Motion for approval from Rob Savage, seconded by Floyd Eisenberg. The approval was unanimously approved.



  • One of the WGs (Floyd Eisenberg speaking) had the experience that a government member tried to get a project through, but did not provide announcement of the content to the entire membership – just to its three contractors. It did not feel like an open transparent process. They would like some help from HL7 leadership. Ken Pool notes that he feels he is seeing more and more material brought from outside. Mead feels this is a phenomenon that has been going on through the life of HL7.

Supporting Documents

  • See links above - hard copies will not be provided


  • The SD Voted to adjourn at 8:30pm
Actions (Include Owner, Action Item, and due date)
  • see action items embedded in agenda items above
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items
  • next meeting - SD meeting in January
  • Agenda Items
    • Work Group Health
    • PBS Metrics
    • approval of Cambridge