2013-05-06 DESD WGM Agenda

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HL7 DESD Agenda

Location: TBD

Date: 2013-05-06
Time: 7:30-8:30 pm EDT
Facilitator Mead Walker Note taker(s) Melva Peters
Attendee Name Affiliation
No Victor Brodsky Anatomic Pathology
No John David Nolen Anatomic Pathology
No Martin Hurrell Anesthesia
No Terri Monk Anesthesia
Yes Durwin Day Attachments
Yes Craig Gabron Attachments
Yes Jim McKinley Attachments
No David Classen Child Health
No Gaye Dolin Child Health
No Andrew Spooner Child Health
No Feliciano Yu Child Health
Yes Yan Heras Clinical Genomics
No Joyce Hernandez Clinical Genomics
No Amnon Shabo Clinical Genomics
No Mollie Ullman-Cullere Clinical Genomics
No Edward Hammond Clinical Interoperability Council
Yes Dianne Reeves Clinical Interoperability Council
Yes Mitra Rocca Clinical Interoperability Council
Yes Anita Walden Clinical Interoperability Council
Yes Patricia Craig Clinical Quality Informaiton
No Floyd Eisenberg Clinical Quality Informaiton
No Crystal Kallem Clinical Quality Informaiton
Yes Walter Suarez Clinical Quality Informaiton
Yes Suzanne Gonzales-Webb Community Based Collaborative Care
Yes Richard Thoreson Community Based Collaborative Care
No Max Walker Community Based Collaborative Care
Yes Melva Peters Domain Expert Steering Division
Yes Mead Walker Domain Expert Steering Division
Yes Laura Heermann Langford Emergency Care
No Donald Kamens Emergency Care
No James McClay Emergency Care
No Peter Park Emergency Care
No Todd Cooper Health Care Devices
No John Garguilo Health Care Devices
Yes Allen Hobbs Health Care Devices
Yes John Rhoads Health Care Devices
No Stephen Chu Patient Care
Yes Kevin Coonan Patient Care
No William Goossen Patient Care
No Hugh Leslie Patient Care
No Ian Townend Patient Care
No Klaus Veil Patient Care
Yes Mead Walker Patient Safety
No Tom de Jong Pharmacy
Yes Hugh Glover Pharmacy
No Melva Peters Pharmacy
Yes Joginder Madra Public Health Emergency Response (PHER)
Yes Ken Pool Public Health Emergency Response (PHER)
Yes John Roberts Public Health Emergency Response (PHER)
Yes Rob Savage Public Health Emergency Response (PHER)
Yes Edward Helton Regulated Clinical Research Information Management (RCRIM)
Yes Armando Oliva Regulated Clinical Research Information Management (RCRIM)
Yes Edward Tripp Regulated Clinical Research Information Management (RCRIM)

Roll call

  • Quorum Achieved - 9 Work Groups represented

Review Agenda


  • Mead Walker announced that his position was up for election and he would not be putting his name forward
    • if there are WG Co-Chairs that are interested, please let Mead or Melva know

Updates from the TSC

  • Must complete ballot reconciliation within 1 year - otherwise need approval from the TSC
  • Requirements for participation in Harmonization - change to the metric - can be participation OR formal notification that the WG has no objections to the harmonization proposals.

Discussion of PBS metrics in DESD

  • Each Work Group should be reviewing their PBS metrics when considering taking on new projects to ensure that there are available bandwidth and resources. Also to ensure that projects that have been completed or are falling behind target dates are updated through the Project Management Office
  • The Steering Division is required to review PBS Metrics when reviewing new Projects brought forward from a WG
  • A new metric has been added – “5 Year Anniversary”. This tab lists standards that have reached their five year anniversary. The responsible work groups should plan to re-affirm, withdraw, or submit a new project proposal to revise the standards in question during the next few months.
  • it was suggested that it should not be up to the WG Co-chairs to determine which ballots need to be re-affirmed, withdrawn, etc. HQ should be able to help in the identification of these standards.

Nominations for Work Group Co-Chairs

  • Work groups must send nominations to HQ within two weeks following the WGM
  • it is too late to send in nominations when the co-chair statements are sent out
  • Positions for September 2013
    • Emergency Care - James McClay
    • Patient Care - Klaus Veil
    • Pharmacy - Tom de Jong, Melva Peters
    • PHER - Rob Savage

Updates to Work Group DMPs, M&C, SWOTS and Interim Co-Chairs

  • you must send any updates to these to HQ - they will not review your minutes
  • please tell them if you review and decide not to make changes as well

Mission and Charter Votes

  • RCRIM Mission and Charter RCRIM M&C
    • changes made to add SAIF CD wording -
    • It was noted that Government Projects does not exist - so this WG should be removed from the list and need to add CIC to the list
    • Motion approve the RCRIM M&C pending noted changes - Ken Poole -Anita Walen - Carried to approve pending changes - (9/0/0)
Action: RCRIM will update and forward to DESD Co-Chairs
Action:  DESD Co-Chairs will forward updated M&C to TSC for approval
  • Emergency Care Mission and Charter ECWG M&C
    • SAIF wording was added
    • Motion approve the EC M&C - Rob Savage - Ed Helton - Carried to approve the M&C - (9/0/0)
Action:  DESD Co-Chairs will forward updated M&C to TSC for approval - COMPLETE
  • Health Care Devices Mission and Charter HCD M&C
    • SAIF CD language was added
    • Added CQI was added as a relationship
    • Motion to approve the HC Devices M&C - Ken Poole - Allen Hobbs - Carried - (9/0/0)
Action:  DESD Co-Chairs will forward updated M&C to TSC for approval - COMPLETE
  • Attachments Mission and Charter AWG M&C
    • Motion to approve changes pending addition of the SAIF language - James McClay - Ed Tripp - Carried (9/0/0)
Action:  Attachments will add the SAIF Language and will forward to the DESD Co-Chairs
Action:  DESD Co-Chairs will forward updated M&C to TSC for approval
  • Concerns were raised that it is not fair to require conformance to SAIF without the expertise
    • training on SAIF is needed; support in implementing SAIF is needed
    • concerns about dropping the tutorials - need to continue as co-chairs evolve - we need to beef education up
Action:  DESD Co-Chairs will forward concern to TSC

Project Scope votes

    • This PSS has been posted to a Doodle Poll and based on the DMP practices that allow apply a 3 week deadline and then count WGs who have not voted as abstentions for the purposes of quorum
    • Patient Care indicated that they may want to be involved. It was suggested that Patient Care review and contact RCRIM if they are interested
Action:  DESD Co-chairs to forward approved PSS to TSC - COMPLETE
  • PHER PSS CDA IG for the National Medical Care Survey CDA IG for National Medical Care Survey
    • This is proposed for DSTU ballot and is US realm
    • Review of PBS Metrics - WG has 1 unpublished ballot, but has resources committed to this project. They expect the vocabulary to be the biggest challenge for this project, but have a vocab facilitator assigned.
    • PHER will take back and confer with Patient Care - will submit again once reviewed
Action:  DESD Co-chairs will send the PSS to the DESD list serve - COMPLETE
  • Trauma CDA - CIC CIC Trauma CDA PSS
    • This PSS will be sent out for Doodle Poll
    • PBS metrics reviewed - all ballots have been submitted for publication - will be reviewed by TSC
    • PSS has been reviewed by Emergency Care - don't have the band width to participate so chose not to be be a co-sponsor
    • Discussion of available clinical resources - project team has resources - it was suggested that there is a need to engage emergency care resources involved in this
    • PSS was Tabled
Action:  DESD Co-chairs will send the PSS to the DESD list serve - COMPLETE
  • Discussion of PSS template - What is a conformance facilitator?
Co-Chairs will take back to TSC and Project Office

Work Group Health Review

DESD Work Group Health May 2013

  • Changes in Metrics
    • RED Work Groups' (New standing agenda item for all Steering Divisions)
      • Anatomic Pathology, Anesthesia, Clinical Quality Information, Health Care Devices, Child Health - all red
      • 3 groups have not published minutes since last WGM
    • measures to be aware of:
      • Mission and Charter must be reviewed every 2 years
      • DMP must be reviewed every 2 years
      • SWOT must be reviewed every 2 years
      • must complete Post WGM Survey
      • Harmonization Participation - either participate in the Harmonization calls or review the proposals in a committee meeting and inform with issues or you have no issues
  • Discussion of Patient Safety WG
    • Patient Safety WG has only 1 co-chair - there has not been attendance to warrant having meetings.
    • Mead is recommending dissolution
    • Project will be transferred to RCRIM
    • PHER will pick up DAM

PBS Metric Review

New Business

  • Review (and approve) M&C for DESD
Action:  DESD Co-chairs will forward to the list and draft M&C for review and approval by e-vote
  • Review (and approve) DMP for DESD
Action:  DESD Co-chairs will forward to the list and draft DMP for review and approval by e-vote
  • Discussion of use of e-Votes in DESD
    • there continue to be problems with quorum for eVotes
    • propose that we move to a monthly teleconference
    • SD members raised a concern about the use of teleconferences and suggested that just the threat of a teleconference will improve quorum on e-votes
    • it was agreed that DESD will continue with e-votes until the next WGM
  • Co-Chair position for DESD
    • Mead has decided not to continue
    • Please consider putting your name forward
  • Child Health
    • had voted for dissolution, but this has been withdrawn
    • will be meeting Friday morning
    • it was noted that Child Health was not in attendance at the SD meeting
  • Glossary - question was asked about acronyms and where to find the meanings - referred WG to the glossary
    • it was noted that CMET was included in glossary as an acronym, but the definition of CMET was missing
Action:  DESD co-chair will forward this issue to HQ
  • Use of Acronyms
    • Try to spell out acronyms the first time it is used in PSS
  • Patient care wants to be engaged in a lot of stuff that their name is on, but they never hear from the WG
    • concern about clinical content specifications that is being developed outside of DESD
    • similar situation happens with Pharmacy - have to go out and evangelize - at the beginning of the week look for WG where this is happening - assign individuals to go to those WG
    • there has to be some responsibility of Patient Care to be aware

Supporting Documents

  • See links above - hard copies will not be provided


  • moved by Emergency Care and seconded by PHER to adjourn - Carried

Actions (Include Owner, Action Item, and due date)
  • see action items embedded in agenda items above
  • DESD Co-chair to send Doodle Poll out for approval of Phoenix DESD minutes
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items
  • next meeting - SD meeting in Cambridge
  • Agenda Items
    • Work Group Health
    • PBS Metrics
    • approval of Atlanta SD Minutes