2013-04-30 TSC ANSI/GOM Task Force notes

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Review of the below sections yielded the following recommendations.

  1. Suggest modifying sections,, and regarding approval of motions regarding disposition of comments received in response to normative ballot should be changed to majority rather than 60%. Auditor noted that the vote may not achieve 60% and then what happens? This has not been a problem to date, but suggest we change it before it becomes a problem. – Assign disposition to a person or small group. Schedule a call to review the dispositions, then vote to approve the package. Items that need further discussion can be pulled out. Simple majority of members present and voting.
  2. We may also consider streamlining things by not requiring the WGs to vote on dispositions as this is not required. The ANSI ER require only that comments receive a disposition but does not prescribe a method for achieving that disposition. An individual from the WG can be assigned to disposition each comment. This would be a huge departure from our current processes but would streamline things. Suggest the TSC discuss this and make a recommendation. Taken care of under previous item

Disposition of Ballot Comments

The goal is due diligence in consideration for comments offered for a given ballot. Reconciliation on can be accomplished as follows:

a. Line item by line item reconciliation and voting by the Work Group. This may be useful where a limited number of comments have been received and the Work Group chooses to review each comment as a group, however voting on each line item individually is not required.
b. In ballots with multiple comments, the work group may choose to form a sub-team of one or more work group members to review the comments and provide draft reconciliation.
  1. The suggested reconciliation will be published to the entire Work Group for review according the Decision Making Practices (DMP) of the Work Group . The entire Work Group will have the opportunity to review and vote on the proposed dispositions.
  2. The comment(s) and disposition(s) will be brought forward for review and discussion by the Work Group at an announced conference calls. Dispositions to comments will be decided upon following the decision making practices (DMP) of the work group.
  3. Acceptance of the proposed ballot reconciliation package will be based on the consensus majority vote (including abstentions).