2013-04-16 TSC ANSI/GOM Task Force notes

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ANSI/GOM task force

  • Austin, Calvin, Freida, Jean, Pat
  • 2013-04-16 6 PM EDT

Lynn's AAWI001 discussed. TSC withdrawal may be covered by lines 106-111. May need to add to section 15 to handle DSTU type.

Austin notes that public review comment in 14.06 was defined. Line 21 title should read 14.06 Accompanying Public Review Comments. Calvin asks if we've ever received a public review comment - Austin recounts that Karen said we had some early in HL7's process but not lately. Line 27 for "Such public review comments as defined in ANSI Essential Requirements shall be considered on a par with ballot comments". There was not enough time to pull out all the ANSI material into separate volumes so this will be separated into different references when that is done, notes Freida. We don't need to submit a comment now as it will be pulled apart again in another cycle.

Line 55 in Section 14.07 should be it instead of "is".

Discussion of the meaning of the section ensued. Austin suggests that the deadline be the NIB deadline for the WGM one year following the normative ballot. Consequences of not requesting an extension would be that they would have to re-ballot as ANSI won't accept the HL7 publication more than a year after ballot. The current wording with tying it to the WGM cycles is confusing. Calvin suggests we give a calendar timeline, e.g. at 10 months to affirm that reconciliation will be done before a year from the ballot closure, or 30 days to request and obtain permission for an extension.

AAWI002, section 15.05 interpretation - risk is that the request for interpretation that HQ will notify the TSC chair and CTO. This puts the TSC at risk of triaging help desk questions. TSC discussion was to hand these off to Work Groups. For non-ANSI standards the TSC can still hand off to Work Groups per 09.01.06. What is a written request for interpretation, what is the basis of clarification discussions as interpretation requests on a listserv, what will the role of the eventual 'help desk' be? Suggest 15.05 be struck. Calvin notes current process is broken as you can get wrong answers on a listserv. Freida suggests we request deferring it. Development of the help desk function needs to keep the TSC out of the direct response to help desk requests. The existing language is wrong as it is but we need more time to develop the right language.

Review of the continued list of Partial List of Needed or Suggested Changes still has areas that have not been addressed. Jean asks if there are a final set of comments from the ANSI auditor. Need to find out from Karen.

Schedule another call for same time next week.

WI13010004 reviewed without suggested changes. Nominations committee for the TSC candidates will be established at the May WGM and may elect a representative for the Board nominations committee. Lynn to add to Monday's agenda.

Adjourned 7:07 PM