2013-01-14 TSC WGM SDO Activities Agenda

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TSC Monday Q3 Agenda - 2013 Jan WGM, Phoenix AZ USA

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TSC HL7 activities with other SDOs Meeting

Location: Guest Room 1202

Date: 2013-01-14
Time: Monday Q3
Facilitator Austin Kreisler Note taker(s) Lynn Laakso
Continued discussion and review of activities in collaboration with other SDOs such as IHE, OMG, and the JWG and JIC.
Attendee list
Richard Dixon-Hughes with HL7 Australia, Standards Australia, and DH4, chairing JIC for SDO Harmonization
Joy Kuhl, Lantana, Health Story Project to be embedded with IHE
Suzanne Maddux, RN with ASCO (clinical oncology) contracted with Lantana
Scott Robertson, ORC Chair, KP
Harry Solomon, GE, DICOM
Lisa Spellman - ISO TC 215, US TAG
Tessa van Stijn, NICTIZ
Steve Ward - Eli Lilly


Welcome and Introduction - Austin Kreisler

  1. Continued discussion from Sunday Q4
  2. Planning for next WGM
  3. Cross SDO FHIR Development coordination with IHE/DICOM


Austin convenes at 1:53 PM with a welcome and Introduction

  • Austin recaps yesterday's session. Concern over the resources to develop ideas brought to HL7. Discussion of bottom-up versus top-down ensued.
    • Richard D-H notes an activity in ISO along with Jeremy Thorpe used HL7 PSS criteria in a white paper as best practices. Environmental scanning is also important. Recent list thread on IBAN codes did not mention contact with banking, SWIFT cards and other considerations outside of the HL7 community.
  • Lisa asks Joy and Tessa about the things that are of interest to them. Joy's interest is in the key SDOs that HL7 collaborates with. Associations with formal MOUs include IHTSDO, NCPDP etc and a host of others. Richard D-H notes that the discussion on membership model has not taken into account the voting privileges of these SDOs with MOUs.
    • Scott notes there has been activity too between SDOs that release joint copyright on some documents.
    • Steve asks about the long term vision from each SDO. Best expertise could be partitioned better to avoid replication.
    • Joy asks about the goals of the panel sessions. Generally it's education, for members as well as members of other SDOs.
  • What do we want to do in the next session? Harry asks if we should look at infrastructure management for the different SDOs development processes since they are similar. Scott finds NCPDP is very different, for example, than other SDOs in process. Project Initiation and project management tools, common format for change proposals to come into an organization were what Harry had in mind.
    • Richard notes that processes in GS1 are very different for example where they have standards in every sector around the world, as does ISO. DICOM and HL7 have narrower focus and may be a better fit. Initial metadata similar in project initiation but the process varies so much after initiation would be difficult.
    • Scott agrees that commonalities in processes we follow would be a good discussion. Change requests, projects, certain logical things in each process might find alignment. Minimal dataset of metadata for a cross-SDO and JIC database would be helpful. Austin suggests we could use HingX to track projects from each SDO.
    • Richard notes they'd like to have a forum on such a thing for JIC, on how SDOs engage with their stakeholders.
    • Lisa brings up the HingX screen, and suggests that a topic on the other resources and tools available to SDOs, or shared Tooling.
    • Discussion on HingX use ensued. Tooling Tuesday from 7-9 is on HingX. HL7's Alpha participation will be discussed Thursday Q1.
    • Joy suggests revisiting the topic of success stories on collaborations between SDOs to capitalize on recent successes.
    • Topic might be how do we stay informed on what everyone else is doing. Current status of SCO discussed and relationship with ONC.
    • Coverage of HL7 representation at other SDO meetings is limited to volunteer participation of liaisons or availability of Chuck or John.
    • Updates to JIC projects were not available for yesterday's meeting.
    • Richard discusses maintenance in ISO, Harry recounts DICOM.
  • General agreement on topic is: how the SDOs communicate about what each are working on, whether projects or other units of work, both internally and externally.
  • Richard asks for a couple minutes before we wrap up re: ISO /CEN13606 parts 1-5. 13606 is up for periodic review right now.
    • ContSys - systems and concepts for continuity of care is another project in ISO that has not been adequately promoted in HL7. ISO is voting in DIS stage closing in May. EU grant coming this next cycle. Not intended to compete with the RIM but add a broader view. Liaison process discussed. Richard will send project information to Austin and Lynn

Adjourned at 3:04 PM

Organize a call in 6 weeks.