2013-01-13 TSC WGM SDO Activities Agenda

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TSC Sunday Q4 Agenda - 2013 Jan WGM, Phoenix AZ USA

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TSC HL7 activities with other SDOs Meeting

Location: Mohave/Adobe/ Arroyo/Kachina (Anasazi Ballroom)

Date: 2013-01-13
Time: Sunday Q4
Facilitator John Quinn Note taker(s) Lynn Laakso
Opportunity for HL7 WGM attendees to review activities in collaboration with other SDOs such as IHE, OMG, and the JWG and JIC, and provide comment.
Attendee list


Welcome and Introduction - John Quinn

  1. Panel discussion: How SDOs prioritize both internal and cross-SDO work
    • NCPDP - John Klimek, NCPDP Senior Vice President, Industry Information Technology
    • ISO TC 215 / US TAG - Lisa Spellman
    • HL7 - Austin Kreisler, TSC Chair
    • OASIS - Elysa Jones
    • CEN, GS1 - Christian Hay

Time permitting, attendees can present liaison reports verbally

Links to SDO liaison reports

Attached reports:

  • HL7 activities with AHIP: John Quinn
  • HL7 activities with ADA: Pat Van Dyke
  • HL7 activities with CDISC: Becky Kush
  • HL7 activities with CEN TC 251: Mark Shafarman
  • HL7 activities with Continua: Chuck Jaffe
  • HL7 activities with DICOM: Helmut Koenig
  • HL7 activities with DSMO: Durwin Day reports -
    DSMO received 11 HIPAA change request during the year for 2012. HL7 did not opt-in on any of these requests. 10 out of the 11 requests were directly related to the X12 Transactions, with 8 or those on the X12 837 Claim Transaction, one request was directed to the X12 835 Transaction for Bill summary, one request on the 270 Eligibility and one request was directed for NCPDP. 9 of the 11 Requests are 'Active' status, one request was denied, and one request was approved.
  • HL7 activities with GS1: Chuck Jaffe
  • HL7 activities with IEEE (11073): Todd Cooper
  • HL7 activities with IHE: Chuck Jaffe, Keith Boone
  • HL7 activities with IHTSDO: Russ Hamm
  • HL7 activities with IRISS: Ed Tripp reports there has been no activity with IRISS since the September WGM.
  • HL7 activities with NCPDP- Margaret Weiker
  • HL7 activities with NQF: Chuck Jaffe
  • HL7 activities with NUCC: Nancy Wilson-Ramon
  • HL7 activities with OMG: Ken Rubin
  • HL7 activities with Regenstrief/LOINC: Ted Klein reports
    Items of note since the Baltimore WGM (September 2012)
    1. LOINC has now incorporated (as a Beta currently) a feature to share mappings from local codes to LOINC across the community. Groups are encouraged to share their mappings, which are incorporated into a release extension. By signing up to the evaluation program, one may access and make use of the mappings that others have done in order to reduce effort and cost in developing one’s own LOINC mappings. All mappings will be stored in, and shared with, a community mapping repository.
    2. The next Clinical LOINC meeting will be held in Salt Lake City on February 14-15, 2013.
    3. LOINC announced that there are now 20000 registered users of LOINC in 150 different countries.
    4. A new version of LOINC and RELMA was released as of the end of December. It incorporates two field changes to the LOINC table, and the addition of the CSV format for the LOINC table file. Also supplied are several database load scripts to use the new CSV format to easily load the LOINC table contents into MySQL and Oracle databases. In the future, the CSV file will be the only released text format for LOINC.
    5. December 30, 2012 was the 50th release of LOINC. 775 new terms have been added, and many edits to existing terms have been made. Major changes were also made to the HIPAA attachments section in RELMA. This release of RELMA was primarily additions to support the new Community Mapping project.
    6. There was a small change to the legal language for the use of LOINC in documents such as Implementation Guides. This may affect the HL7 published documents; a presentation is being prepared for the cochair’s dinner meeting to briefly go over this with the HL7 folks if necessary.
  • HL7 activities with SCO: John Quinn or Chuck Jaffe
  • Hl7 Activities with The Health Story Project: Joy Kuhl
  • HL7 Activities with TIGER: Pat Van Dyke
  • HL7 activities with W3C: John Quinn
  • HL7 Activities with WEDI: John Quinn
  • HL7 Activities with X12: John Quinn

Review of each JIC-sponsored event having HL7 engagement

Latest JIC report
  • BRIDG: Ed Tripp -
  • IDMP: Tim Buxton
  • CTRR: Ed Helton
  • DataTypes: Grahame Grieve
  • EHR-S FM:
  • PHR-S FM:


Welcome and Introduction - John Quinn convened the group at 3:35 PM

  1. Panel discussion: How SDOs prioritize both internal and cross-SDO work
    • HL7 - Austin Kreisler, TSC Chair, presents a slide show
      • Ted comments that the volunteers should not be considered separately from those who set the priorities
      • Don Mon adds that we cannot continue to go exclusively bottom up, but strategic initiative shows in some areas such as mobile health and CEO efforts for cross-collaborative work. Austin notes mobile health was also successful once targeted since we obtained adequate volunteer support.
      • Richard D-H notes that stakeholder engagement is most important to put 'boots on the ground'.
    • NCPDP - John Klimek, NCPDP Senior Vice President, Industry Information Technology slide show
      • Ann asks how they decide not to do something? John K. observes that if members or government mandates surface a problem they simply haven't said no. Scott notes that NCPDP project management is different that a project must be accepted by the WG to be done, so without adequate support from within a WG it will not be accepted. John K. notes that since Medicare Part D started in 2006 they have had great participation from CMS and they can speak with the NCPDP members on what they need. The FDA has done so as well.
      • Lisa S. asks if there are ever competing projects between members. He says not really.
    • ISO TC 215 / US TAG - Lisa Spellman presents a slide show.
      • John Q. clarifies that "Traditional Medicine" refers more to "Traditional Chinese Medicine". Ted adds it has to do with other techniques like acupuncture, acupressure, or pharmaceutical treatments prepared in the home. The informatics component of traditional medicine shows different frameworks, models and metadata with different structures than what we're used to dealing with in Western practice.
    • CEN, GS1 - Christian Hay presents slide show on GS1, and another on CEN
    • OASIS - Elysa Jones also presents a slide show

Time permitting, attendees can present liaison reports verbally.

Ted adds to his LOINC liaison report as the most recent update is its 50th release. They are looking at ways to share mappings.

Harry notes from DICOM they are working on how to bridge the templating mechanisms for CDA for subspecialty content in radiology.

Ann asks about the status on 13606 and using this cycle to align 13606 and the HL7 EHR standard and CDA. Austin has not heard anything on that from the CDA side. They will have to investigate with other folks tomorrow. Richard D-H notes that Clinical Statement may be that route.

Austin notes that there is a session tomorrow Q3 for follow up both to talk about prioritizing work as well as what topics we want to address in the next session.

Adjourned at 4:59 PM