2012-09-10 DESD WGM Minutes

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See signup sheet for attendance.


1. Roll call: See signup

2. Review Agenda: accepted as proposed

3. Announcements

4. Updates from the TSC

5. PBS metrics in DESD

6. Project Scope votes

7. Mission and Charter votes

8. Work Group Health Review

9. Changes to Work Group Health

10. Co-Chair Elections for January

11. New Business

FHIR Governance:

TSC is proposing bodies for FHIR governance. There will also be a FHIR management group. There is a request to the steering division for representation on the FHIR management group – weekly conference calls. The set of responsibilities of the management group are listed. Suggestion – a major challenge for FHIR is capturing complex clinical content. Expect discussion about the application of the 80/20 rule. Why interested? FHIR is starting, resources are being created. Many of these are from domains we care about. – You have to go with it, or get run over. Is the group going to do the work, or do the coordination? Hugh could volunteer – but through January. Question, does the rep have to be a co-chair? We think not.

PBS metrics in DESD

We noted three “best” work groups.  The SD is doing well.  We have one WG in the red – this is especially worthy of note since the group has not been submitting minutes of working group sessions or conference calls.  We have a question about the harmonization requirement on project health – several co-chairs said they never heard about the call.  CIC and PHER attended.  They are not sure of the value.  Comment that sometimes changes are made that have damaging effects – attendance is needed to try to prevent this.  Hugh thinks there is a provision for the WG to vote that it determined it did not need to attend.

Note, the requirement for a 3 year plan is to go away, and be replaced by a project health metric. That metric measures open recirculation ballots, unpublished ballots, missing items in project insight, and projects more than 120 days delayed from a published milestone. Patient Care says that it should not have any reconciliation ballots for May 2012. There were two ballots that passed, according to the WG. A request to withdraw was sent to the one negative voter. The committee did discuss the vote and stated the negative was not persuasive. PC feels like it has done what it needed to do. Mead says he will ask Karen about this. There are also 4 unpublished ballots listed. These are items that are expected to have a publication request sent to HQ. Finally, the V3 Care Plan Release 1 – passed in 2007. That should be withdrawn.

Project Scope votes

No project scopes to review.

Mission and Charter votes

No missions and charters to review

Work Group Health Review


Changes to Work Group Health

3 year plan replaced by overall project health

Co-Chair Elections for January

Work Groups and Co-Chairs up for Election Child Health: One open Clinical Genomics: Mollie Ullman-Cullere Clinical Interoperability Council: Dianne Reeves Patient Safety: Ali Rashidee

New Business

No new business