2011-08-31 Activities SDO Call Minutes

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TSC Agenda/Minutes

Meeting Info/Attendees

HL7 Activities with Other SDOs

Location: +1 (702) 894-2444, Participant Code: 7124466
GoToMeeting ID: 243-702-762

Date: 2011-08-31
Time: 9:00 AM U.S. Eastern
Facilitator: Austin Kreisler Note taker(s): Lynn Laakso
Attendee Name Affiliation
x Austin Kreisler HL7 TSC Chair
x Lynn Laakso HL7 staff support
x Ken McCaslin
x Ed Tripp

Quorum Requirements (Chair +5 with 2 SD Reps) Met: n/a


Agenda Topics
The purpose of this conference call is to review the organization and agenda for the panel participants at the HL7 Activities with Other SDO's session at the 2011Sept Working Group Meeting.

  • The listserv discussed at the last meeting is available for subscription as sdoactivities@lists.hl7.org.

Supporting Documents

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Minutes/Conclusions Reached:
Convened at 9:04 AM

  • Panel format reviewed. Ken cannot commit to panel participation. Ed doesn't wear an SDO hat but could wear the HL7 hat in his workings with CDISC. The regular CDISC representative is Becky Kush, but could be Bron Kisler. We also anticipate Lisa Spellman from AHIMA (the new ISO TC 215 secretary). Tim Buxton, Christian Hay and Keith Boone also agreed to serve on the panel. Ken suggests Scott Robertson as chair of ORC.
  • The intent is to seek improvements in the collaboration process, not to repeat the work already done in setting up the JIC. These collaborations have importance at the level of the strategic initiatives, but we want to have coordination activities with other SDOs in an improved manner. The panel format is a change of pace to avoid sitting through a report-out.
  • Some specific relationships were discussed. No current MOU exists for CDISC; is this because they are JIC? ISO is not part of SCO as it is US Realm. What is the difference for an organization to participate in one or another. HL7 is organized under ANSI as with X12, so US realm focused. While JIC and SCO have overlap, they are not the same collaboration.
  • Few reports have been submitted prior to the session. Should we allow time for brief verbal reports and then the panel? Ken suggests time slots no more than three minutes each and holding up a warning yellow card with 30 seconds remaining and a red card when time expired. If we inform the representatives they have three minutes if they respond to reserve that time, 30 minutes in total allotted for verbal reports or can send a written report instead. The panel will take the remaining hour. Each member can speak on their ideas for cross SDO coordination roadmap. We can ask people for questions in advance. Austin will reach out to Scott Robertson and Lisa Spellman for the panel (Ed will present for HL7 if Scott cannot represent).

Adjourned 9:20 am EDT

Next Steps

Actions (Include Owner, Action Item, and due date)
  • Please complete the conference calling pilot survey.
  • Sign up for the listserv sdoactivities@lists.hl7.org.
  • Austin will reach out to Scott Robertson and Lisa Spellman for the panel
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items