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Day Date ' Time Icon Event Chair Scribe Room
Monday 17 May 2010 AM Q1
Q5 Business med.gif TSC Monday Co-Chairs Dinner/Meeting
Charlie McCay Lynn Laakso TBD
5:15 - 5:45 TSC Co-chairs Dinner
6:00 - 6:10 Update from HQ

- Reminders:

New co-chair training – Th 7am – Versailles II

Karen Van Hentenryck

Lillian Bigham

6:10 - 6:15 Ballot Report Don Lloyd
6:15 - 6:20 Electronic Services - Online Presence Ken McCaslin
6:20 – 6:25 Wiki Best Practices Rene Spronk
6:25 - 6:30 PMO / Project Services WG Update Dave Hamill, PMO
6:30 - 6:35 Methodology and Harmonization Report Woody Beeler, MnM
6:35 - 6:40 CTO Report John Quinn, HL7 CTO
6:40 - 6:45 TSC Chair Report Charlie McCay, TSC Chair
6:45 – 6:55 ArB Report Ron Parker and Charlie Mead, ArB Co-Chairs
6:55 - 7:15 Open Mic
7:15 - 8:30 Steering Division Meetings

Domain Experts - Alhambra I
Foundation and Technology - Segovia I
Structure and Semantic Design - Segovia II
Technical and Support Services - Segovia III


Meeting Information

HL7 Co-chairs dinner/meeting

Location: Windsor

Date: 2010-05-17
Time: 5:15-7:15pm BZT
Facilitator Charlie McCay Note taker(s) Lynn Laakso
Attendee Name Affiliation
See http://gforge.hl7.org/gf/download/docmanfileversion/5701/7304/2010MayWGM_CoChairs_Meeting_Attendance.zip
for Attendance list and scanned attendance sheets.
Quorum Requirements Met: n/a


  1. Update from HQ
    • Reminders:
      press release forms
      meeting minutes to http://www.hl7.org/permalink/?UploadMinutes
      Updates to Facilitator List
      Rooming needs next WGM
      Draft agendas for next WGM
      New co-chair training – Th 7am – Versailles II
  2. 6:10 - 6:15 Ballot Report Don Lloyd
  3. 6:15 - 6:20 Electronic Services - Online Presence Ken McCaslin (see presentation slides)
  4. 6:20 – 6:25 Wiki Best Practices Rene Spronk (see presentation slides)
  5. 6:25 - 6:30 PMO / Project Services WG Update Dave Hamill, PMO (see presentation slides)
  6. 6:30 - 6:35 Methodology and Harmonization Report] Woody Beeler, MnM (see presentation slides)
  7. 6:35 - 6:40 CTO Report John Quinn, HL7 CTO (see presentation slides)
  8. 6:40 - 6:45 TSC Chair Report Charlie McCay, TSC Chair (see presentation slides)
  9. 6:45 – 6:55 ArB Report Ron Parker and Charlie Mead, ArB Co-Chairs
  10. Open Mic

Supporting Documents

  1. ES Online Presence presentation slides - http://gforge.hl7.org/gf/download/docmanfileversion/5699/7302/McCaslin_ES_OP_Co-Chairslides_reviewed.pdf
  2. Meeting - Minutes Template - rtf - http://www.hl7.org/permalink/?MinutesTemplate
  3. Wiki template for minutes - http://www.hl7.org/permalink/?WikiMinutesTemplate
  4. Wiki Best Practices presentation slides by Rene Spronk - http://gforge.hl7.org/gf/download/docmanfileversion/5698/7301/Spronk_improved_use_of_the_HL7_wiki.pdf
  5. PMO/Project Services WG Update Dave Hamill presentation slides - http://gforge.hl7.org/gf/download/docmanfileversion/5695/7297/Hamill_CoChairPresentation-PSWGPMO_2010MayRiowithSAIF_20100517.pdf
  6. Woody Methodology and Harmonization Report - http://gforge.hl7.org/gf/download/docmanfileversion/5717/7320/TSC-report-BEELER.pdf
  7. John Quinn CTO presentation - slides http://gforge.hl7.org/gf/download/docmanfileversion/5693/7295/QuinnHL7TSCCo-chairsdinnerv1.0.pdf
  8. - Charlie's TSC Chair report slides - http://gforge.hl7.org/gf/download/docmanfileversion/5692/7294/McCay_cochairsmeeting2010.pdf


Noted that the presentation by Ken McCaslin generated a great deal of discussion, especially by those already posting on the wiki, that having to 'manage minutes twice'. Ken stated that the discussion will be taken back to the project team for further consideration.

Open Mic discussion:

  1. During the Meeting minutes template review questions and concerns were raised about making the creation of minutes a multi-step process. Additional input and feedback can be provided to Ken McCaslin.
  2. SAIF: Ron - 160 comments so far to review. Feel free to continue to send comments. Will refactor content and make another technical edit pass after that.
    • Question on Wednesday Q4 - opportunity to go into this in more detail. A success metric for this is how much value we can get without using the word 'architecture'. Using existing documents.
  3. Keith Boone: what happens with SAIF, what happens without SAIF? In a way we can read it. CMead notes on Weds will show the NCI before and after the ECCF. Now HL7 must build its implementation guides. EHR DOD work being presented tomorrow Q3 with Patient Care.
  4. Jean Duteau said the Project Servcies work on how SAIF fits into existing HL7 processes. He thought it was very useful, and would like the conceptual overview. Ron notes that we thought the alphas would help us frame that work. They have received great feedback from the alphas and had some a-ha moments themselves.
  5. Ann Wrightson says the PASS group has developed some new artifact examples themselves. Charlie Mead notes that Steve Hufnagel has some examples too but Ann notes that that work is embedded in the U.S. mindset and not useful to those not trapped in that particular jungle. Ron agrees we'll need some work to re-frame it for universal consumption.
  6. Nancy Orvis notes that we ought not to talk about SAIF outside of HL7, but look at the conformance. She notes a concrete example is that of seeing data on a clinical trial across 500 participants whose medical record data must remain and reside in its original location and cannot be exported. Very difficult with legacy EHRs.
  7. Patrick notes the SAIF use only to provide examples in services ignores the 20 years of work in HL7 in other paradigms.
  8. Adjourned 7:23 PM BZT.

Meeting Outcomes

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