2010-01-18 TSC Agenda Innovations Workshop

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TSC Monday HL7 Innovations Workshop, January 2010 Phoenix WGM

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Monday January 18, 1:45-5:00 PM Q3 and Q4

TSC-hosted workshop to explore how new ideas can more effectively be introduced to HL7 and incubated prior to a formal standards development project starting.

This may include help identifying the relevant work groups, help engaging with stakeholders and finding project funding.


  • Concept introduction - see more at Research and Innovation Workshop
  • Submitted videos, and discussion
    • Moderator: Ken Lunn, NHS (ken.lunn@nhs.net)
    1. Ideas presentation - 15 minutes per idea, including Q&A
    2. Ideas evaluation - a group activity to evaluate each idea, and rank them
  • General discussion of the workshop and how to take a WG concept forward. See draft WG Mission.


  • Use the Q3 session to view the videos and allow a very short discussion on the value of each.
  • Get the committee to propose that the best idea (s) is (are) shown at the board on Tuesday, and if the board is willing then for that to be shown at the plenary on Wednesday.
  • Provide an online resource of the videos; the committee will bar any that break normal rules of decency or accuracy, but not provide any other censorship. The committee can discuss the distribution rules.
  • Commission at least two videos
  • Set up an "ideas collection" at the WG meeting where anyone can turn up over coffee breaks and give a 2 minute (max) explanation of a new idea - proposed to have one or two people with video cameras that you can grab over coffee. Those will be edited to remove any scandal, but apart from that would be shared.