20080326 Conference Call Agenda

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Agenda for Domain Experts Steering Division Conference Call

Participation Information Phone Number: 702-894-2444 Participant Passcode: 5874338 Feb 20, 2008 10am ET


  1. (5 min) Role call
  2. (10 min) Announcements
    1. All submitted projects approved by TSC
    2. DESD Representative Volunteer(s) for HITSP, Kevin Coonan. Additional volunteers?
    3. "Lost" Harmonization proposals - (From MnM) As a result of changes in responsibilty, excess demand on time, and other worthy and not-so-worthy reasons, a variety of Harmonization proposals appear to have been "lost." We plan to spend the April 2 morning sessions identifying these, and determining how best to correct them.
  3. (5 min)Update on how the DAMs being balloted this cycle are being handled – Rita Altamore
  4. (15 min)Draft agenda for Phoenix WGM
  5. (10 min)Scope Statement Approvals
    1. Drug Stability Reporting (eStability) - Ed Helton
    2. Regulated Product Submission Release 2 - Ed Helton
  6. (10 min)New balloting guidelines (GOM)[1]
    1. No more committee or membership ballots
      1. Normative, Informative, DSTU
      2. Section 12 of the GOM
  7. (5 min)Status of HL7 web page to refer to new committee structure
  8. (10 min)Discussion on use of Project Insight, relationship to GForge.
    1. Sharing experiences with use of each
  9. New Business