20080220 Conference Call minutes

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20080220 Conference Call Agenda and Minutes

Participation Information Phone Number: 702-894-2444; Participant Passcode: 5874338 Feb 20, 2008 10am ET


Role Call


  • Co-chair - Jim Case
  • Attachments - Mike Cassidy (late)
  • Government Projects - Jim McCain (late)
  • Patient Care - Susan Matney (late)
  • Patient Safety - Lise Stevens
  • Pediatric Data Standards - Pele Yu
  • Pharmancy - Gary Cruickshank
  • Public Health and Emergency Response - Rita ALtamore, Kristi Erickson
  • RCRIM - Randy Levin
  • Guests(s) - Mead Walker


  1. Dissolution of Clinical guidelines, incorporation with Clinical Decision support.
    1. Clinical Guidelines work group has dissolved – work is now part of Clinical Decision Support. This means that DESD has only 16 committees, so quorum is now eight (8) for decision making.
    2. CMET Project Scope Statement approved by foundations and technology SD.[1]
    3. New workgroup creation and dissolution documents. Identified issues to TSC – Are questions related to creation and dissolution relevant for current committees? No decision yet – too much transitional work to allow time for discussion. Still an open issue on the TSC list.

Approval of minutes from Working Group Meeting 1/13/2008

  1. Approved unanimaously

Action Item Review:

  1. Verify the DomainExperts list: A test message has been sent to the list and all email addresses were verified
  2. WorkGroup creation and dissolution document review – tracked in TSC issues list. Documents forwarded to DESD for comment

Scope statement approvals:

There were insufficient participants at the time of this discussion to achieve formal approval.

  1. CDISC Revised Scope statement – RCRIM, Erik Henrikson[2]
    1. May 2008: no ballot. Project was provisionally approved by DESD in old project format.
  2. Medical Product and Device Listing – RCRIM, Ed Tripp[3]
    1. May 2008: ballot SPL release 4 at Committee 1. MPDL has been aapproved by RCRIM, and is on the agenda for joint group to discuss Saturday 2/23 at ISO/CEN/HL7 joint meeting.
    2. Question: To be approved there, would need to be approved HL7 project first? --No; process for joint projects is parallel to this one. DESD need clarification from the TSC and BOD about whether joint projects need to be approved through “normal” channels. Would like to reduce DESD scope if possible.
  3. Regulated Product Submission Release 2 - RCRIM, Ed Tripp No Project Scope Statement Posted See Project Insight[4]
    1. May 2008: nothing for Release 2 (will ballot Release 1 implementation guide). Registered on Project Insight; Randy will send scope statement to DESD list.
  4. Cardiology Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) Domain Analysis Model - Cardiology SIG, Brian McCourt See Project Insight[5]
    1. May 2008: TSC page shows NIB has been submitted for Informative 1.
  5. ICSR R3 – Patient Safety, Lise Stevens[6]
    1. May 2008: no ballot. Will be discussed at joint ISO/CEN/HL7 meeting 2/23. Will file project scope statement after.
    2. Question: Is Pharmacy the project lead? --Complicated. ICSR is the message standard for adverse event reporting. Message includes vocabulary requirements: this is Pharmacy’s domain. Have existing data exchange standard for medicinal product information, SPL. SPL release 4, for ballot in May. RCRIM/GP to lead? Three projects and three HL7 work groups working on parts of the puzzle.
      1. Comment: There are many questions about these joint projects, including who represents and what are their responsibilities. Co-project leads, if at all possible, should be present for face-to-face meetings. Next meeting in Sweden in May in conjunction with ISO meeting. Pharmacy representatives all agreed to try to attend.
  6. Attachments SIG - Patient Information Unspecified Attachment (Mike Cassidy) See Project Insight [7]
    1. May 2008: ballot at CDA R2. Upgrade of old work product. Will post scope statement to DESD list.
  7. TB Global Data Standards - PHER, Michelle Williamson No Scope Statement posted See Project Insight [8]
    1. May 2008: ballot at Informative 1. In Project Insight, scope statement distributed to DESD list during call.
  8. QRDA - Quality Reporting Document Architecture - Peditatrin Data SIG and Structured Documents TC
    1. May 2008: no ballot. Scope statement distributed to DESD list during call.
  9. Medication; Drug Knowledge-Base Query, Release 1
    1. May 2008: ballot at Membership 2. Project approved under old process. Scope statement will be distributed to list.

New Business

  1. The lack of a quorum requires that crucial scope statements be dealt with as soon as possible. An email vote on the most important scope statements will be held ASAP following the call.
    1. Question: How will email vote work? --Email notification, including copies of relevant documents, deadline for response, silence denotes acceptance.
    2. Question: Want to be able to provide update to ISO meeting - possible by COB Friday? –Will try to send out email ASAP.
    3. Comment: SD should stop playing catch-up: approve projects for ballot this round pro forma, reserve discussion for new projects.
    4. Question: Does discussion of joint projects really matter? Won’t they go ahead regardless of what DESD thinks or votes? --Very confusing – even people involved in the project don’t know exactly what’s happening or what the protocols and deadlines are.