20070917 Working Group Meeting, Atlanta

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Domain Experts Steering Division,September 17, 2007


Name, Committee

  • Gunther Schadow, Anatomic Pathology SIG
  • Martin Hurrell, Anesthesiology SIG
  • Terri Monk, Anesthesiology SIG
  • Mike Cassidy, Attachment SIG
  • Penny Sanchez, Attachment SIG
  • Klaus Veil, Board
  • Richard Thoreson, Community-Based Collaborative Care
  • Thomas Norgall, Device SIG
  • Todd Cooper, Device SIG
  • Kevin Coonan, Emergency Care SIG
  • Jim Mc Cain, Government Projects SIG
  • Nancy Orvis, Government Projects SIG
  • Fred Behlen, Imaging Integration SIG
  • Helmut Koenig, Imaging Integration SIG
  • Austin Kreisler, Laboratory SIG
  • Craig Robinson, Laboratory SIG
  • Larry McKnight, Patient Care
  • Susan Matney, Patient Care
  • William Goossen, Patient Care
  • Garry Cruikshank, Pharmacy SIG
  • Rob Hallowell, Pharmacy SIG
  • Jim Case, Steering Division Co-chair
  • Kristi Eckerson, Public Health Emergency Response SIG
  • Rita Altamore, Public Health Emergency Response SIG
  • Clive Flashman, Patient Safety SIG
  • Lise Stevens, Patient Safety SIG
  • Ed Tripp, RCRIM
  • Edward Helton, RCRIM
  • Randy Levin, RCRIM


  • Plan conference call schedule
  • Determine SD list server subscription policy - "Private" or "Open"
  • Designate SD representative to Technical Editing Project Advisory Committee
  • Current discussion topics/issues

Conference call schedule

  • Committee felt that due to the size of the division and the current proliferation of conference calls it was not possible at this meeting to schedule a time for the meeting. To address this, the members were asked to:
    • Send in their current conference call schedules
    • Preferred time for call
    • Current time zones of co-chairs to optimize the schedule
  • Following evaluation of the existing call schedules, an initial call will be scheduled, at which, a more routine call schedule will be discussed.
  • To begin development of call agendas, committees will assist in the development of a list of current and planned projects from each member committees.

Determine SD list server subscription policy - "Private" or "Open"

  • Discussion on operation of the SD list server revolved around two primary options
    • 1)"private" then accept "Co-chairs in this SD Only", or
    • 2)"Open to Any Co-chairs"
  • There was no extended discussion on inclusion of committee members to this list as intra-committee discussions were encouraged to continue at the committee level and escalation to the SD would be done as appropriate.
  • List name: domainexperts@lists.hl7.org
    • Will be set up by the end of the WGM

Designate SD representative to Technical Editing Project Advisory Committee

  • Co-chairs were encouraged to discuss participation in this group with their membership and submit names to Austin or Jim before Wednesday Sep 19, 2007.

Other Business/Issues (collected, not discussed)

  • How to involve facilitators – sharing expertise and experience (training) among groups?
  • Attempt to identify areas of overlap among and between SD
  • Identification of high level categories of projects (common work products)
  • Provide overviews of completed projects
  • Develop decision making practices for SD
  • Proposal to use “open document” to exchange documents within HL7
  • Scheduling of SD meeting besides post-TSC to perform joint work? Postpone decision until after next working group meeting
  • Provide an executive summary of SD efforts for other SDs
  • SD document portals on new HL7 website?
  • Where does the CIC fit in with the SD’s.