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This page contains the links and charts for the latest Work Group Health (WGH) information by Steering Division.

Current WGH Snapshots: Browse all packages
or see the latest releases for 2014September Interim Release:

What is measured?

What is measured? The activities count the bold headings on the grid, namely:

  • Active projects – if less than 1, the count is incremented. Active projects are approved projects in active status with resources working on them (does not count 3-Yr Plan, On Hold, or unapproved projects).
  • Mission and Charter statement(M&C) < 2 yrs old - If the Work Group's Mission and Charter has not been updated in the past two years, the count is incremented
    • Updated content to Mission and Charter statements must be approved by a vote in the Work Group and approved by the Steering Division
    • Reviews without changes to Mission and Charter statements must be voted upon by the Work Group and the Steering Division notified
  • Decision Making Practices (DMP) - WG has an approved DMP less than 3 years old (changed 2014Feb)
    • A change to a Work Group's DMP must be approved by a vote in the Work Group; Steering Division approval is not required. Send approved DMPs to PIC for review and to Lynn (at) for publishing.
  • Project Health (new 2013Jan) - The newest metric is Project Health, which is a combination of the number of RED from the following {BS Metrics:
    • Recirculation
    • Unpublished Ballots
    • Work Group Missing 3YP Items in Pjt Insight
    • % of PI Items with Nxt Milestone Behind > 120 Days
  • SWOT – The Work Group's SWOT analysis should be less than three years old; if not, the count is incremented
    • SWOT analysis should be approved by a vote in the Work Group; Steering Division approval is not required but Steering Division review is recommended
  • Co-Chair Post-WGM Survey - if the Work Group did not participate in the post-WGM survey for the immediate past WGM, the count is incremented
    • Only one co-chair from each Work Group should participate in the survey
  • Ballot Presence - If the Work Group did not participate in the current ballot cycle or the two ballot cycles previous, the count is incremented (Not measured for T3SD nor *healthiest* WG)
    • Co-sponsorship of a ballot is also considered toward participation
  • Minutes posted since last WGM – if posted minutes from the prior WGM or interim teleconferences are not present the count is incremented. Posting of minutes can be on the Work Group's page on the HL7 web site or at the location pointed to from the Work Group's "Additional Resources" on the Web site (e.g. on the Wiki).
    • Posted minutes of the last WGM are counted although a better demonstration of WGH is to have posted minutes of conference calls occurring between WGMs.
  • Last listserv activity - if no activity has occurred on the list serv since the last WGM, the count is incremented
  • Harmonization Participation (updated 2013May): if the Work Group did not have a representative attend Harmonization in the past cycle, or if the WG does not indicate to the Harmonization listserv they have reviewed the items for harmonization this cycle and have no input, the count is incremented (excludes T3SD and not measured for *Healthiest* WG)
    • Participation is measured by the attendees' self-declaration of the Work Group(s) they are representing. An attendee can represent more than one Work Group.
  • WG CC Scheduled – if the Work Group has not scheduled any conference calls since the last WGM, the count is incremented (may be validated using conference calling service records whether calls were actually conducted, in addition to whether they were scheduled, as well)
    • For those WGs who do not conduct conference calls, out-of-cycle meetings are counted towards demonstration of interim activity between Working Group Meetings of the WG
  • SD CC Participation – if the Work Group did not have at least 50% representation at Steering Division conference calls or e-votes since the last meeting, the count is incremented (i.e. DESD uses Doodle Polls; SSD SD both e-vote and concalls; FTSD & T3SD usually conf calls)
  • Steering Division co-chair (TSC Representative) Election Participation – if the Work Group did not cast a vote for their Steering Division co-chair, i.e. representative of the Steering Division to the TSC in the annual election prior to the Plenary meeting, the count is incremented
    • This metric continues to be represented in each cycle, not just in the plenary cycle, for even though the activity is only conducted once per year the effect perseveres through all cycles.
  • WG Rep at SD WGM - if WG does not have a representative at the previous Face to Face Steering Division Work Group Meeting, the count is incremented
  • WGM scheduled – if the Work Group did not schedule any meetings in person at the WGM, the count is incremented.
    • Meetings counted are Host only; joint meetings not counted.



  • 0-3: Green light
  • 4-7: Yellow light
  • 8+ : Red light


Full spreadsheets, as well as snapshots of point-in-time work group health portraits are available by Steering Division on GForge at:






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