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Summary of Recommendation from T3F in re Technical Directorate

Revised May 22, 2007 to reflect subsequent T3F deliberations

The T3F proposes that the Board accept four inter-related recommendations relative to the HL7 Technical Directorate. The four items are listed below, expanded modestly in this summary report, and available in detail in the T3F's report "HL7 Technical Directorate", provided in "pdf" format.

The four subjects for approval (with section references to the complete document) are:

  • Composition and Method of Formation of four Steering Divisions (4.1.3)
  • Composition and Method of Selection of TD Members (4.2)
  • Principles of Operation of Technical Directorate (4.2, 4.3)
  • Plan to Elect TD between now and September WGM (7.)

Composition and Method of Formation of four Steering Divisions

  • Four sub-groups of Committees & SIGs to be called Steering Divisions, each of which is a functional committee made up of the Co-Chairs of the member Committees/SIGs, with one vote per constituent body
  • Three of the four are similar, but not identical to those that elected T3F members
  • Fourth Steering Division comprised of set of Board-appointed committees that provide support to the other Committees and SIGs (such as Tooling, Publishing, Education); these will become TD-appointed Committees
  • Steering Divisions elect their own co-chairs and their Representative and Alternate Representative to the TD on a one-vote per committee basis.

Composition and Method of Selection of TD Members

  • Four Representatives (with a Voting Alternate, who serves in the event the primary is unavailable), one from each Steering Division
  • Two Representatives elected by the Affiliates (including US) on a one vote per affiliate basis
  • Chief Technical Officer, as employed by the HL7 Board
  • Board Liaison, appointed by Board, if TD Chair is not a voting Board member
  • ARB Representative, designated by Technical Directorate
  • "Ad Hoc" Member, appointed by TD as needed for balance and/or expertise

All of the above are Voting Members, and, with two exceptions, serve two-year renewable terms, to align with calendar year. Exceptions:

  • Chief Technical Officer serves for the duration of his/her tenure
  • "Ad Hoc" Member serves a variable term, up to 2-years

Principles of Operation of Technical Directorate

  • Technical Directorate elects its own Chair from among its Voting members
  • Technical Directorate decisions are made by vote, with Chair voting only to break ties.
  • On all matters, Technical Directorate will seek consensus (defined as 2/3rds yea's)
  • As much as possible, Technical Directorate will delegate decisions, harmonization tasks, issues resolution, etc. to the Steering Divisions
  • Tactical tasks currently included in policies and bylaws and assigned to the current Technical Chair will be responsibilities of CTO
  • The "HL7 Technical Directorate" document is a living document that shall be continually refined by the TD, and represents the "contract" between the TD and the HL7 Board

Plan to Elect TD between now and September 2007 WGM

  • Between June 5 and 24, accept nominations for SD Representatives from the Co-Chairs within the SD
  • Between June 5 and July 15, committees vote (one vote per committee) to elect SD Representative (top vote getter) and SD Alternate (second vote getter) to the TD. These two individuals become the SD Co-chairs, as well.
  • Between June 16 and August 5, accept nominations for Affiliate Representatives from the Affiliate Organizations, including the US Affiliate
  • Between August 5 and 26, Affiliates vote (one vote per affiliate) to elect two Affiliate Representatives (top two vote getters) to the TD.
  • Board to name Board Liaison before September WGM
  • Chief Technology Officer process is up to the Board
  • Have scheduled meeting space in Atlanta for:
    • the SDs to meet Monday evening, immediately following TSC
    • TD to meet Tuesday lunch; and Thursday morning, 7-8
    • The TSC will need to hold a "retreat" and a brief business meeting in September, followed by a TD "open mic" session to accept issues for TD attention