Technology Plan 2009

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Technical Plan 2009-2010

Comparison Table of CTO and TSC Objectives
  • Enterprise Architecture
    • Direct and work with the ArB and all other relevant committees of HL7 to specify and champion the adoption and process and organizational change management of an approved HL7 Reference Architecture and establish a process for its continuous evolution – Draft EA document May 2009 WGM; Peer Review completion and publication of Version 1.0 Jan 2010 WGM; Completion of process and organizational changes May 2010 WGM.
  • Tooling - (1) publishing tools (2) user tools
    • Establish an initial tooling requirements catalogue - 2009 May WGM
    • Recommend (with Tooling committee) a tooling investment plan – 2009 May WGM
    • Pending resolution of finances, develop a detailed financial plan and preliminary technical plan for each tool in response to tentative finance approval – Unknown
    • Completion and publication of all tools in the plan – Min of two years; max of 3 years.
  • Support other elements of the financial plan beyond tooling
  • Web site project
    • Release 1 (creative look and feel) applied to site – end of July 2009
    • Release 2 (membership and event management modules and virtual press room) applied to site – end of Sept 2009
    • Release 3 (Role based permissions expanded into website, Certified users by country and specification listing and search; Integrate listsev with GoMembers application) applied to site – end of December 2009
    • Release 3.1 (Expand Project Insight Searchable Database (i.e., product sort, contracts, 3 year future projects) – end of December 2009
    • Release 3.5 (Conference call center modifications; Integration with project Insight/Gforge); case studies – end of May 2010
  • Support product strategy - ongoing
  • Roadmap
    • Manage the development of a catalog for ballot publishing of each HL7 product from ballot through final product – 2009 Sept WGM
    • Manage the definition (with EHR WGM) clinical content model for the PHR – 2009 Sept WGM
    • Manage the development of a comprehensive proposal with specific controlled vocabulary groups to incorporate terminologies into the HL7 RIM and appropriate standards – 2009 Sept WGM
  • ISO/JIC Projects
    • Individual Case Studies Reports (ICSR)
    • Structured Product Labeling (SPL)
    • Drug Component Model
    • Data Types
    • Common Terminology Services (CTS)
    • CDA R2
  • SCO
    • Standards Landscape
  • Visibility Project (products, projects, etc)
    • Review product brief template – due Apr 2009/ approve at Kyoto
    • Develop process to update annually in collaboration with marketing
    • Develop/collect use cases
    • Product briefs should eventually provide links to additional information such as tutorials, use cases, etc.
  • Enterprise Architecture
    • Deliver a first balloted reference architecture document to include a services delivery approach as a means of using HL7 standards in SOA – Sept 2009 WGM
  • Roadmap engagement
    • Establish criteria for prioritizing new projects – Sept 2009 WGM
    • Review and comments on the Roadmap; specifically review due dates- May 2009 WGM
  • Actionable National Initiative Plan - Respond to the needs of PEO organizations as it formulates its approach and plan for initiative contained in the ARRA law and U.S. healthcare reform