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E-mail from Rene Spronk

This recommendation from the consultants may give the impression of being "stacked on a top-down basis" with 1 CTO, 4 representatives explicitely OK'ed by the CTO, and 1 board appointed member (6 members in total). There are 7 other members elected by the membership. The T3F may wish to address this and make a slightly different recommendation to the board.

Response from Hans B

HJB: The trick is to reflect that we should be Stakeholder driven. I would argue that today's efforts are not enough stakeholder driven, rather too much individual interest driven. That does not mean that there should not be any individual interest driven activities as that frequently can be a spark to new areas that otherwise would be lost. Question is how to best set up a TD to establish and manage such a balance. I don't think we have quite the answer yet, but this should be included in the mix.