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E-mail from Rene Spronk

A few comments related to stuff on the Wiki:

We also have standards that are NOT RIM derived. To narrow the definition of the architecture to RIM derived standards would do a disservice to the organization. v2, CCOW and service specifications exist and will have a role to play in any overall HL7 architecture that the T3F attempts to create.

Response from Hans B

HJB: Agreed that we have not only RIM derived, but also others. However, it would be correct to state that we are moving towards all RIM derived standards for transactions, documents, services, and context. Transactions = V3, Documents = V3CDA, Services = in progress, Context = not yet, but would argue that data content should start to move towards RIM based. Arden could be a similar candidate as well. Clearly, any work in the functional space is not (and should not be a normative standard anyway). Key is that it should be portrayed as migratory.