TSC Steering Divisions

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Domain Experts (DESD)
Co-Chairs: Melva Peters
John Roberts
Foundation & Technology (FTSD)
Co-Chairs: Paul Knapp
Russ Hamm
Structure & Semantic Design (SSD SD)
Co-Chairs: Calvin Beebe
Austin Kreisler
Technical & Support Services (TSS SD or T3SD)
Co-Chairs: Andy Stechishin
Sandra Stuart

Anesthesia (formerly Generation of Anesthesia Standards, or GAS)

Attachments (AWG)

Biomedical Research & Regulation (BR&R) (formerly BRIDG and RCRIM)

Clinical Genomics (CG)

Clinical Interoperability Council (CIC)

Clinical Quality Information (CQI)

Community Based Collaborative Care (CBCC)

Emergency Care

Health Care Devices (DEV)

Learning Health Systems (LHS)

Patient Care (PC)

Public Health (PH) (formerly PHER)


Clinical Information Modeling Initiative (CIMI)

Conformance (C) [formerly Conformance and Guidance for Implementation and Testing (CGIT]

FHIR Infrastructure (FHIR-I)

Implementable Technology Specifications (ITS)

Infrastructure & Messaging (InM)

Modeling & Methodology (MnM)

Security (SEC)

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)



Arden Syntax

Clinical Decision Support (CDS)

Clinical Statement (CS)

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Financial Management (FM)

Imaging Integration (II)

Mobile Health (mHealth)

Orders & Observations(O&O)

Patient Administration (PA)

Structured Documents (SDWG)


Electronic Services and Tools (EST)

Healthcare Standards Integration (HSI)

International Mentoring

Process Improvement Committee (PIC)

Project Services Work Group (PSC)


Tooling merged with ES

Process for Work Group wanting to change Steering Division: Work group submits petition to change steering divisions for both its current steering division and proposed steering division. Both steering divisions need to approve petition based upon their decision making practices. Work Group may appeal steering division decisions to the TSC. Consideration for source and target Steering Divisions on size and group composition is left up to the Steering Divisions (from TSC Tracker #2111)