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==='''Voting Members:''' ===
==='''Voting Members:''' ===
*'''John Quinn''' (HL7 Chief Technical Officer)  (ex-officio)
*'''Wayne Kubick''' (HL7 Chief Technical Officer)  (ex-officio)
*'''Pat Van Dyke''' (HL7 Chair of Board of Directors) (ex-officio per GOM 07.02)
*'''Pat Van Dyke''' (HL7 Chair of Board of Directors) (ex-officio per GOM 07.02)

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TSC Chair

  • Ken McCaslin (Ad-hoc member) term ends 12/17

TSC Member Emeritus

  • George (Woody) Beeler

Voting Members:

  • Wayne Kubick (HL7 Chief Technical Officer) (ex-officio)
  • Pat Van Dyke (HL7 Chair of Board of Directors) (ex-officio per GOM 07.02)

Domain Experts Steering Division (one vote)

  • Melva Peters (Co-Chair, Domain Experts SD (term ends 12/16)
  • John Roberts (Co-Chair, Domain Experts SD (term ends 12/17)

Foundation & Technology Steering Division (one vote)

  • Russ Hamm (Co-Chair, Foundation & Technology SD) (term ends 12/17)
  • Paul Knapp (Co-Chair, Foundation & Technology SD) (term ends 12/16)

Structure and Semantic Design Steering Division (one vote)

  • Calvin Beebe (Co-Chair, Structure & Semantic Design SD) (term ends 12/17)
  • Gora Datta (Interim Co-Chair, Structure & Semantic Design SD)

Technical & Support Services Steering Division (one vote)

  • Sandra Stuart (Co-Chair, Technical & Support Services SD) (term ends 12/17)
  • Andy Stechishin (Co-Chair-elect, Technical & Support Services SD) (term ends 12/16)

Architecture Board (one vote)

  • Tony Julian (Architecture Board Chair - ArB Representative) (ex-officio)
  • Lorraine Constable (Architecture Board Vice Chair - ArB Representative) (ex-officio)

Affiliate Representatives (one vote each, total of two)

  • Jean Duteau (Affiliate Representative) (term ends 12/16)
  • Giorgio Cangioli (Affiliate Representative (term ends 12/17)

Ad Hoc Members (each ad-hoc seat has one vote)

  • Freida Hall
  • Austin Kreisler
  • Ken McCaslin

Non-voting Members

  • Doug Fridsma Chair-Elect, HL7 Board of Directors
  • Chuck Jaffe CEO of HL7 (ex-officio)
  • Karen van Hentenryck (HL7 Associate Executive Director)
  • Lynn Laakso (HL7 Director of Technical Publications)
  • Dave Hamill (HL7 Director, Project Management Office)
  • Anne Wizauer (HL7 TSC Project Manager)

TSC Representatives to the HL7 Board of Directors Nominating Committee

  • Freida Hall
  • John Roberts

TSC Risk Assessment Committee

  • Pat Van Dyke Chair

Product Line Architecture/Business Architecture Modeling

  • Mary Kay McDaniel Chair

Our Thanks to:

  • Austin Kreisler (ad-hoc member, past TSC Chair) term ended 2014-09-16
  • Ed Hammond Chair, USRTF and Board-Appointed US Affiliate to the International Council