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Dial '''702-894-2444''' and enter pass code '''1244667'''
Dial '''702-894-2444''' and enter pass code '''1244667'''
==Events for September 2007 Plenary & WGM==
===Joint T3F-TSC session with newly-elected TSC Members===
* Sunday evening - Savannah 1 - 5:00pm - 6:00pm
* Attendance T3F Members and "new" TSC Members
* Proposed Agenda
** Review plans for WGM week meetings
** Familiarize with generalities of "reference" documents
*** Relationship to Steering Divisions and to Board
*** [[TSC Mission and Charter| TSC Mission and Charter]]
*** [[HL7 Technical Steering Committee| "New" TSC Details]] 
*** [[HL7 Technical Steering Committee#Decision Making Practices | TSC Decision Making Practices]]
** Formal "hand-off" from T3F to TSC
===TSC "Open Mic" session===
* Monday after after regular TSC meting - Capitol Center Ballroom
* Attendees -- All Committee and SIG Co-Chairs (a TSC "plenary" meeting
* Agenda
** '''Brief''' summary of TSC plans for Atlanta meeting
** Q/A session with TSC and T3F members
===[[TSC_Steering_Divisions|Steering Division Meetings (four)]]===
* Monday after open Mic session (about 8:30 PM)
* Locations
** [[HL7_Technical_Steering_Committee#Domain_Experts_Steering_Division |Domain Experts Steering Division]] - Capitol Ballroom Center
*** List server: domainexperts@lists.hl7.org
** [[HL7_Technical_Steering_Committee#Structure_.26_Semantic_Design_Steering_Division | Structure & Semantic Design Steering Division]] -- Georgia 2
*** List server: structuresemanticdesign@lists.hl7.org
** [[HL7_Technical_Steering_Committee#Foundation_.26_Technologies_Steering_Division |Foundation & Technologies Steering Division]] -- Georgia 3
*** List server: foundationtechnology@lists.hl7.org
** [[HL7_Technical_Steering_Committee#Technical_.26_Support_Services_Steering_Division|Technical & Support Services]] -- Georgia 4
*** List server: technicalsupportservices@lists.hl7.org
* Proposed Agenda for all Steering Divisions
** "Meet and Greet"
** Plan conference call schedule
** Determine SD list server subscription policy - "Private" or "Open"
***If "private" then accept "Co-chairs in this SD Only" or "Any Co-chairs"
***Whichever choice, recommend TSC elected members and related staff can be added to SD lists.
** Designate SD representative to Technical Editing Project Advisory Committee
** Reference [[TSC Mission and Charter| TSC Mission and Charter]]
** Reference [[HL7 Technical Steering Committee| "New" TSC Details]]
==="New" TSC - Initial Meeting===
* Tuesday Lunch time -- Savannah 3 12:30-1:30
* List server: tscadmins@lists.hl7.org
* Attendees - Elected members of "New" TSC plus support staff. (John Quinn has agreed to be ''convener'' of this session.)
* Proposed Agenda
** Meet & Greet
** Plan election of TSC Chair - recommend have mail nominations and voting
** Consider [Revised Project Scope Template] from Project Life-cycle Team.
** Plan on-going meeting schedules and conference calls.  ('''Note"''' Thursday 7:00 AM Meeting space is available)
** Note [[TSC Open Issues list]]
==="New" TSC - Second meeting===
* If desired - Thursday - Savannah 3 - 7:00-8:00 AM

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