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=Communications plan=
=Communications plan=
The T3F discussed issues of communication, both inward and outward) between the TSC and the members of the HL7 Working Group.  This outline contains the T3F-recommended "TSC Communication Plan" as adopted by the T3F in its conference call of June 26, 2007.
==Communication to the TSC==
==Communication to the TSC==
Inward communications to the TSC should occur through several paths, including:
Inward communications to the TSC should occur through several paths, including:

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Communications plan

Communication to the TSC

Inward communications to the TSC should occur through several paths, including:

  • PIC performs a useful communication path today for individuals and new volunteers and affords the added advantage of a forum for discussing procedural issues before they are added ot the PIC open issues list. This role should be continued with PIC as a TSC-appointed committee, and they should continue to maintain the PIC open issues list.
  • As noted in the broader TSC document, the TSC will have an "open mic" session for Co-chairs at each TSC Retreat (Plenary) Meeting with the issues written, logged and formally tracked
  • Issues list- The TSC should maintain and track a publicly available issues list for topics under TSC consideration. This list will require:
    • Submittal form - the TSC should develop a standard form for documenting issues. This form should allow the submitter to classify the type and severity of the problem, should identify the perspective from which the individual is submitting the issue, a description of the issue, and the submitters desired or recommended action to resolve the issue. This form would be used for both the "open mic" sessions and for e-mail submissions.
    • Issue posting Active issues should be posted and tracked on the TSC Wiki
    • Submissions Issues for the list would be received from:
      • the TSC "open mic" sessions,
      • e-mail submittal (below) or by
      • Referral from Ballot reconciliation (through SDs) to TSC
  • Maintain a list server for internal TSC communications
  • Establish a mail address, like tscIssues@hl7.org through which new issues (using the form) and questions can be submitted

Communications from the TSC

Outward communications from the TSC should include:

  • e-News - routine contributions from TSC
  • Newsletter articles
  • TSC Report at a WGM General Session
  • Summary of TSC Plenary and copies of presentation posted on web site
  • TSC Wiki (open for reading) like the T3F Wiki to include:
    • Maintain a "message" for TSC at the root of the Wiki
    • Minutes & Agendas
    • TSC issues list
    • TSC action item list
    • Search capability
  • Status reports (central, easily found, well tracked) on:
    • Ballots
    • Projects (scope statements and status)
    • Normative content
    • Architecture/Methodology Issues, etc.
    • Search capability