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Job Description: HL7 Technical Steering Committee (TSC) Chair


The HL7 TSC Chair is a part-time, volunteer position elected by the TSC Voting Members in HL7. The Chair has responsibility for guidance and stewardship of the TSC, with the TSC having oversight for the technical affairs of HL7. The TSC Chair is both responsible for and dependent on his/her abilities to cooperatively work with the volunteers that make up the HL7 TSC to work in partnership with the volunteer team and staff to develop goals, measurable objectives, and action plans related to the TSC Mission.

Reporting and Leadership Responsibilities:

The TSC Chair is a member of the TSC (having been elected from the TSC Voting Members), whose vote shall be reserved in the event of a tie. The Chair is also an ex officio voting member of the HL7 Board of Directors to facilitate communication to and from the Board. In this capacity, he/she is responsible that strategic technical recommendations are properly represented and understood at the Board, and that the impacts of board proposals on the Working Group are taken into account. As the CTO, who serves as vice-chiar of the TSC, prepares reports on TSC activities and progress for the Board of Directors, the TSC Chair shall review such reporting to ensure it is complete and accurate.


The HL7 TSC Chair will:

  1. Work directly with and advise the HL7 CTO, Board of Directors (Board), and Industry Advisory Board to describe and communicate HL7’s activites and progress.
  2. Be a liaison of the HL7 vision and current strategy with the TSC and the wider Working Group. This responsibility to the oversight of the execution of standards development may require focusing effectively the efforts of the Working Group (WG) on accomplishing the products and services strategy set forth by the Board.
  3. Guide the TSC to:
    • review and make recommendations on, the Technical Architecture, the development methodologies, and the work processes to be used by the WG in developing HL7 consensus-based standards specifications.
    • assure that the WG works smoothly together and covers the work scope in a consistent manner.
    • serve as technical authority of HL7, communicating status and guidelines regarding standards and operations.
    • review and approve the annual and WGM-WGM technology plans, and support the CTO in delivering the technology plan
    • establish and maintain a process to continuously manage and measure HL7’s products, projects, and work groups
    • ensure sufficient projects are in place to allow for the promotion of TSC objectives, although the Chair is not intended to steward individual projects.
  4. Act as a conduit of information from the TSC to the Board about concerns and business opportunities that may warrant additions or changes to the TSC’s strategic technical recommendations.
  5. Attend weekly meetings / teleconferences of the TSC Committee, and as needed, a planning meeting/teleconference to organize the next meeting’s agenda and objectives.
  6. Perform such duties as may be required to ascertain that the TSC is well coordinated with the entire HL7 Working Group. He/She shall perform other duties which from time to time which may be required for the effective functioning of the TSC.
  7. Exercise an option to delegate responsibilities to other members of the committee, except for that as chair of the regular meetings of the TSC, which can only be delegated to the CTO.