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  • TSC needs to reconfirm the ArB members (request by Helen 20090922 2009 SeptWGM)
    • Review of ArB process with respect to GOM - John
  • By what mechanism/how does HL7 produce white papers? (from 20090922 Tuesday lunch discussion)
  • Formalization in DMPs of method and process used for e-voting.
  • Questions for the Advisory Committee (AC) - prior to their conference calls. Examples:
    • It would be useful to get a better idea of what the Advisory Council picture when they ready the roadmap strategies, and so I would like to hear one or more examples of SMART objectives for each of the strategies, or other quantifiable measures that they they would recommend as indicators that we are delivering successfully against each of the strategies.
      It may be that this is something that the roadmap taskforce should be doing -- but I think that this would be a good way to obtain a better understanding of what those outside HL7 would see as successful delivery
    • What information about HL7 projects, products and workgroups do they need to be able to more effectively generate unsolicited advice to HL7? Are there examples of how other organisations work with advisory councils, and the sort of information that is available and reviewed?
    • For each of the questions that HL7 asks the advisory council, what briefing information would it be useful to have about projects, products and workgroups?
    • Once the advisory council is working on a question, how can HL7 ensure that they have the relevant information about HL7 projects, products and workgroups?
    • How do we better ensure that we are collecting and publishing information about projects, products and workgroups that is useful and used by the Advisory council and others, and how do we get feedback to those providing the information?
  • What categories or hierarchy does the TSC wish to see in the product list? Need guidance for updates to the Project Scope Statement and display on the website LynnL 16:34, 15 October 2009 (UTC)