TSC Agenda item list

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  • Review HQ proposal of cost of providing secretarial support to the WGs TSC Tracker # 745
  • Tooling - what change the working group will see and when, and what does the TSC need to do (See TSC Tracker # 323 and Tracker # 588)
  • Proposal to have the process on the TSC webpage (and maybe in the GOM) regarding request for publication of DSTU updated so that it is clear how "with the concurrence of the TSC" means in practice. (Added 11/12/2008 per McKay, Liora Alschuler)
  • Classcode for medical diagnoses and related topics - between different committees. Patient Care statement collector DSTU, concern tracker DSTU and allergy model DSTU, noted by dr. William Goossen in reference to dr. Kai Heitmann's mention of a Dutch project.