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Quorum Requirements (Chair +4 SD Reps for "decision making") or (Chair +3 SD Reps for "direction setting") Met: Yes
Attendee Name Affiliation
Regrets Andy Stechishin HL7 T3SD Co-Chair
× Freida Hall HL7 T3SD Co-Chair
× Diego Kaminker Education
Melva Peters (Board Report) Education
Ken Chen Education
Lorraine Constable Electronic Services & Tools
× David Burgess Electronic Services & Tools
Nat Wong Electronic Services & Tools
Jeff Brown Electronic Services & Tools
Regrets Andy Stechishin (Board Report) Electronic Services & Tools
× Michael Van der Zel Electronic Services & Tools
Dennis Cheung Electronic Services & Tools
Todd Cooper (Board Report) Healthcare Standards Integration
John Donnelly Healthcare Standards Integration
× Laura Heermann Langford Healthcare Standards Integration
× Diego Kaminker International Mentoring
× John Ritter (Board Report) International Mentoring
Russell Leftwich (Board Report) Learning Health System
Mark Roche Learning Health System
Liora Alschuler (Board Report) Process Improvement
× Sandy Stuart Process Improvement
× Rick Haddorff (Board Report) Project Services
× Freida Hall Project Services
Woody Beeler Publishing
Jane Daus (Board Report) Publishing
Brian Pech Publishing
Regrets Andy Stechishin Publishing
× Pete Gilbert Publishing
× Diana Warner EHR
× Dave Hamill (non voting) HL7 PMO Office

Meeting Admin

  1. Roll Call – Regrets from Andy, he was unable to attend the WGM.
  2. Approve Agenda - Approved.
  3. Approve Meeting Minutes - September 21, 2015 call
    • Motion to approve by Dave Hamill, second John Ritter. Abstain-0; Against-0; Motion carried unanimously.
  4. Work Group Critical Issues - None identified.
  5. New Business -
    • Review January 2016 WG Co-chair elections - Refer to September 28 email from Linda Jenkins. Lorraine Constable will not be running for another term in EST. Current EST Co-chairs discussion whether or not to seek replacement (would still have six Co-chairs due to merge of two groups).
    • Reminder that Dave Hamill emailed deadline for new project scope statements is Sunday, October 18th for new projects seeking to ballot January 2016.
    • Confirm call schedule next trimester, e.g. re-start October 19 at 2 p.m. (Eastern)- Keep same call schedule for next trimester. In future (after Freida’s term ends December 2015), T3SD does not need visual (e.g. WebEx) unless reviewing document for approval, such as project scope statement. Incoming Co-chair, Sandy Stuart, would be able to provide. Congratulations again to Sandy on her election.
    • TSC - Multi-year planning/pilot (1 yr/3 yr/6 yr)- TSC is piloting new process; seeking Work Group from each Steering Division. Project Services will participate but others welcome. Rick Haddorff (Project Services) has been working with Ken McCaslin to develop this process. In part will help Work Groups track ballots due for action 5 years after ANSI publication.
  6. Meeting Adjourned 7:26 pm.