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| ||Rita Scichilone|| Process Improvement
| ||Rita Scichilone|| Process Improvement
| ||Sandy Stuart (Board Liaison)|| Process Improvement
|X||Sandy Stuart (Board Liaison)|| Process Improvement
|X ||Rick Haddorff (Board Liaison)||Project Services
|X ||Rick Haddorff (Board Liaison)||Project Services
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| ||Andy Stechishin||Publishing
| ||Andy Stechishin||Publishing
| ||Sandy Stuart||Publishing
|X||Sandy Stuart||Publishing
|X ||Jane Curry (Board Liaison)||Tooling
|X ||Jane Curry (Board Liaison)||Tooling

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  • 2012-2013 Board Liaisons - Congratulations new and returning Board Liaisons
Quorum Requirements (Chair +4 SD Reps for "decision making") or (Chair +3 SD Reps for "direction setting") Met: Yes
Attendee Name Affiliation
X Patrick Loyd HL7 T3SD Co-Chair
X Freida Hall HL7 T3SD Co-Chair
X Diego Kaminker Education
Melva Peters (Board Liaison) Education
X Patrick Loyd Education
Bill Braithwaite Electronic Services
X Lorraine Constable (Board Liaison) Electronic Services
Ken McCaslin Electronic Services
X Diego Kaminker International Mentoring
X John Ritter (Board Liaison) International Mentoring
Rita Scichilone Process Improvement
X Sandy Stuart (Board Liaison) Process Improvement
X Rick Haddorff (Board Liaison) Project Services
X Freida Hall Project Services
X Woody Beeler Publishing
X Jane Curry (Board Liaison) Publishing
Jane Daus Publishing
X Brian Pech Publishing
Andy Stechishin Publishing
X Sandy Stuart Publishing
X Jane Curry (Board Liaison) Tooling
Tim Ireland Tooling
Andy Stechishin Tooling
Dave Hamill (non voting) HL7 PMO Office
Lynn Laakso (guest) TSC Project Manager

Meeting Admin

  1. Roll Call
  2. Approve Agenda -
  3. Approve Meeting Minutes -
  4. Work Group Updates
    • Education
    • Electronic Services
    • International Mentoring
      • Agenda items: How to outreach/locate volunteers - focus on Africa
      • The IMC is currently attempting to promote the creation of HIT Standards Collaboratives (initially targeting Low and Medium Income Countries, specifically, Eastern, Western, and Southern Africa). Suggestion: Ask key Canada Infoway personnel for guidance. Also, suggestion to contact the “Jembi” organization (Chris Seebregts) who is implementing openMRS (which uses HL7 Standards in an Open Source manner) in South Africa.
      • On 20120910, Dave Hamill announced the creation of a new HL7 software tool which helps link a “job” to an HL7 expert. The IMC believes that this tool might be useful for identifying HL7 experts who might be able to make presentations in regions that do not currently have HL7 presence. Since these opportunities often arise in an ad hoc fashion, the tool might serve as a mechanism for filling such needs as they dynamically arise.
      • During HL7’s International Council meeting on 20120910, the new Puerto Rican Affiliate announced good progress since its inception in July 2012. They initially focused on developing their new Affiliate’s structure, funding, and participants. At the IMC’s recommendation, they solicited the participation of vendors, providers, and universities – and did not target the government. The government soon endorsed HL7 PR and created legislation whereby healthcare professionals could only receive government money if those professionals used Certified EHR Technology (per the U.S. ARRA’s Meaningful Use requirements).
    • Process Improvement
    • Project Services
    • Publishing
    • Tooling
  5. Project Review
  6. TSC meeting Report -
  7. New Business -
    • FHIR Management Group
    • Meeting Adjourned <insert time>