T3SD WGM-201001

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  1. Meeting Admin
    1. Roll Call
  • Mike Henderson + AMS(education), Frieda Hall, Rick Haddoff (PS), Wilfred + Andy(tooling), Patrick + Ken(ES) Dave Hammel (PMO) Helen Stevens (PIC), Andy (v3 publishing), John Ritter (Mentoring);
  1. TSC Report (Helen/Ken)
concern about quality - quality products and quality meetings.
concern raised that in Kyoto thre were too many new members to have valid quorum for decisions in some wgs.
Patrick: Discussion aobut how you could identify effective quorum. There was a questionaire after kyoto that was filled out. SD committees also found that their committees had very good and experienced quorum.
MIke, confirms - that had good quality quorum in Kyoto.
Andy: At most WGM publsihing does NOT have effective quorum - and this is normal and expected. Have effective quorum on calls.
Helen: Would the co-chairs be comfortable with answering the question after every WGM "Did you have an effective meeting - as per your expected agenda and participation".
AMS: Education alwasy has effective meetings - regardless of quorum. However, RCRIM has some difficulty getting attendees at international meetings. So RCRIM adjusts it's agenda - so that it is effecive.

Is the fact that we are having international meetings negatively impacting the WG's ability to do it's work?

AMS: Not in the case of education - although it is harder to do the job in different countries, but this is not related to attendance at the WGM.
John: The goals of the EHR is to make the products international. In Kyoto many US attendees could not attend; so they adjusted their agenda topics to focus on the Asian audience. Did not get much WG work done in Kyoto, but did a lot of first-time-attendee training. So outcome positively influeceed future work with international engagement.
Freida: Did the WG achieve the objectives that they set for the WGM? Was it an effective meeting?
  • Strong commitment for a questionaire to be submitted by co-chairs after every WGM.
Do NOT like the term 'effective quorum' - prefer 'effective meeting'
  1. SD SWOT analysis
  2. Review of Role of Steering Division - Proposed by Austin Kreisler and Ed Trippe
  1. SD 3 year plan
    1. Roadmap SMART Objectives - impact on T3SD Work Groups
    2. Alignment of roadmap projects