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  1. Meeting Admin
    1. Roll Call
      • Helen Stevens, Ken McCaslin, Abdul-Malik Shakir, Mike Henderson, June R, Jim Leach, John Ritter, Freida Hall, Andy S, Jean Duteau, Patrick Lloyd
    2. Approve mintues 2009/09/14 and 2009/08/31
      • Motion:?? Approved
    3. Election Update
      • Project Services - Ricky Haddowf is write in ballot.
      • Education
  2. Review Thursday Q1 Agenda Tooling meeting
    • Jean D unable to provide update on agenda at this time.
  3. Reports
    1. TSC Report (Helen/Ken)
      • Work Group Health Report:
        • Patrick would like to know what are the 11 criteria used to evaluate the work group health. June commented that the report presentation was unclear and inconsistent between SDs.
        • ACTION: Ken/Helen to determine the 11 criteria and distribute to the members.
        • ACTION: Ken/Helen to request improvement in clarity of report with supporting information.
      • Helen has been assigned as the TSC representative to the Organization Relations Committee
      • AMS: What are HL7's relations with OMG - do we have any? They would like to have membership with HL7.
    2. ArB Report (Abdul-Malik/Patrick)
      • SAEAF tutorials on Sunday
      • TEchnical editor is in place, several alpha projects underway to fill holes in SAEAF especially clarifying vision details.
      • ARB has established liaison betwene ARB and all Alpha projects.
      • ARB wants to know if there are others interested in follwing SAEAF.
      • Patrick - there are some unralistic expectaitons about what SAEAF can do for projects and what projects are appropriate for Alpha projects.
      • Some confustion over the name of SAEAF and requests to remove the SA (services aware). Has been recently published as (SA)AEF... Patrick/AMS will confirm.
  4. Steering Division Work
    1. Publishing - Ballot schedule for 2010/2011 (Woody)
      • Andy: In publishing it was felt that the cycle should be skipped. Howwever, at TSC Charlie McCay said that this would punish committees that worked all summer.
      • If the Jan 2011 WGM moves to Australia, will the date move?
      • Patrick - electronic services abstains from decision because not impacted by decision.
      • Jean - Would skipping a ballot cycle help HQ and publishing to catch up on some maintenance/tooling.
      • AMS - There is nothing preventing a committee from working on content earlier and not being impacted by deadline only 2 weeks after WGM. Some committees will miss the Sept2010 ballot cycle due to the Rio meeting - so they will want the Jan2011 cycle.
      • Helen - If we suggest that the cycle happen and those committees who can't prepare for the short cycle can skip the cycle. However, Publishing needs to be sensitive to the short cycle causing some committees to skip the cycle when evaluating "stale" content rules.
      • MOTION: SD Supports full ballot cycle for Jan2011 with a request that publishing be sensitive to the short cycle when evaluating "stale" content. Move AMS. Second Andy. Abstain, Patrick + Jean.
    2. Co-chair Handbook (June)
      • The co-chair handbook is being given a last reviewe in the meeting tomorrow and will be released through email and will have regularly scheduled versioning to maintain the currency.
    3. Publishing Handbook (Andy)
      • Patrick - the publishing handbook is woefully out of date - what is happening with maintaining it?
      • ACTION: Patrick and Andy to work on tracking suggested updates on Wiki and Andy will bring issue to the publishing committee.
  5. Steering Division TSC Tasks Assigned (Ken)
    1. Task # ?
      • Project to track assigning projects to workgroups. Target is January with final rollout in May.
    2. Task# ???
      • Project to create consistent workflow start to finish of ballot process including tools and processes. For example the NIB requires multiple entry of the same information as included in the project scope statement. Using the milestones to trigger workflow activities. Team needs a project leader.
  6. Steering Division Strategy (Ken)
    1. WG Strategy review
      1. Education: SWOT is finalized. 3-Year plan completed through 2012. Will be finsed by end of week.
      2. PIC: Work is on the agenda for this week, but may slip till next call.
      3. Mentoring: Can't create a 3 year plan because they are reactive to needs from possible international affiliates and leads.
    2. WG SWOT Review
    1. 3 Year Plan review