T3SD WGM-200909

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Meeting Logistics

  • September 21, 2009 - 7:00-8:30pm
  • Meeting room: Georgia 7


  1. Meeting Admin
    1. Roll Call
      • Helen Stevens, Ken McCaslin, Abdul-Malik Shakir, Mike Henderson, June R, Jim Leach, John Ritter, Freida Hall, Andy S, Jean Duteau, Patrick Lloyd
    2. Approve mintues 2009/09/14 and 2009/08/31
    3. Election Update
      • Project Services - Ricky Haddowf is write in ballot.
      • Education
  2. Review Thursday Q1 Agenda Tooling meeting
      • Jean D unable to provide update on agenda at this time.
  3. Reports
    1. TSC Report (Helen/Ken)
      • Work Group Health Report
      • Patrick would like to know what are the 11 criteria used to evaluate the work group health. June commented that the report presentation was unclear and inconsistent between SDs.
      • ACTION: Ken/Helen to determine the 11 criteria and distribute to the members.
      • ACTION: Ken/Helen to request improvement in clarity of report with supporting information.
    2. ArB Report (Abdul-Malik/Patrick)
  4. Steering Division Work
    1. Publishing - Ballot schedule for 2010/2011 (Woody)
    2. Co-chair Handbook (June)
    3. Steering Division TSC Tasks Assigned (Ken)
  5. Steering Division Strategy (Ken)
    1. WG Strategy review
    2. WG SWOT Review
    3. 3 Year Plan review