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|Abdul Malik Shakir
|Abdul Malik Shakir
|Continue (Confirmed at the September, 2011 WGM he would serve per John Ritter)
|Continue (AMS confirmed at the September, 2011 WGM he would serve per John Ritter)
|Electronic Services
|Electronic Services

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Meeting Admin

  1. Roll Call: Ken McCaslin, Lorraine Constable, John Ritter, Freida Hall, Rick Haddorff, Brian Pech, Andy Stechishin, Dave Hamill, Lynn Laakso. Quorum met.
  2. Approve Agenda –
  3. Approve Meeting Minutes - Defer approval to next call, not yet posted to the wiki.
    • October 10 – Ken has notes in Word format.
    • October 24 – Freida distributed to the T3SD list today (Word format)
  4. TSC Updates
    • Not discussed
  5. Steering Division Reports
    • Only the Work Groups reporting are included below:
    • International Mentoring
      • (John) Project scope statement for “How to maximize value of HL7 Investment” is still pending. John reported efforts to find ways to reach out to regions in Africa to build and sustain an affiliate. This will be an agenda topic at the January WGM; please let John know of anyone interested in participating in the discussions. Also note new email: JohnRitter1@verizon.net
    • Project Services
      • Dave has created a Tip Sheet to help in making quick updates to projects status/dates; it includes minimal fields needed to update a project state transition diagram, and Dave’s process to close/archive projects. The document will be posted at: HL7.org Resources > Tools and Resources > Project Tracking Tools.
      • The project scope statement to approve (annual) changes to the 2012 Project Scope Statement Template is pending; Dave will set up a Doodle Pool to collect T3SD votes to approve the project scope statement (prior to the next T3SD call).
  6. New Business
    • Board Liaison representatives - Ken wants to confirm if current Board Liaisons will continue for the next term (2012-2013). He needs to provide a list to Don Mon, Incoming HL7 Chair 2012-2013.
Work Group Current Board appointed Co-Chair/Liaison 2012-2013
Education Abdul Malik Shakir Continue (AMS confirmed at the September, 2011 WGM he would serve per John Ritter)
Electronic Services Lorraine Constable Continue
International Mentoring John Ritter Continue
Publishing V2/V3 Jane Curry Continue
Project Services Rick Haddorff Continue
Process Improvement Helen Stevens Love Open
Tooling Jane Curry Continue
  • HL7 Staff Update: Lynn Laakso reported she is looking for comments/action on the following items:
    • product brief website – TSC and Marketing reviewing
    • Guidance on Ballot Levels – Your input requested: The wiki page for comments is available at http://wiki.hl7.org/index.php?title=TSC_Guidance_on_Ballot_Levels, and comments can be entered until November 30th
    • Agendas for the January 2012 WGM
    • Requests for presentations to Co-Chairs at the January 2012 WGM