T3SD ConCall-20100607

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  1. Roll Call
    1. Woody Beeler, Ken McCaslin, Dave Hamill, John Ritter, Helen Stephens, Andy , Rick Haddork, Mike Henderson, Lynn Laasko, Freida Hall
  2. TSC Report
    • Several projects were approved including a project that was already approved through the tooling effort. Woody felt it did not need to be done, but Ken and Helen support the efforts and see it as a great visibility for working going on in the steering division. Ken agreed to oversee the TSC voting process. Need the TSC to send out notification to the co-chairs to make sure they are aware who is standing for election.
  3. Project Review
    • Review (and approve) the Project Approval Process document created by Project Services WG.
      • This group has been in the approval process on doodle poll. David has received comments from 6 individuals. Did forward it to Charlie McCay.
    • Review Active Projects Report
      • Identify projects that should be closed/deleted
      • Identify projects that should be launched/documented
      • Discuss what work is appropriate to be its own project or not.
        • How to do this moving forward. Helen proposes that we hit a work group for each conference call and then just go through the projects. Dave agrees with this concept. The next call would be Education/Electronic Services, followed by International Mentoring/International Mentoring, PIC/Publishing, Project Services/Tooling. Education and Electronic Services should come prepared to discuss their projects, the status and also to do the clean-up prior to the T3SD.
  4. Steering Division Reports
    1. Education
    • Had a regular call in the new timeslot. Evaluation and crafting of an education plan not similar to strategic plan. Feel HL7 should have education in place for any healthcare efforts like in the US with the affiliate works to support any efforts a country may have. Have targeted the October WGM to complete this. Revision of the affiliates e-learning program contact. Each affiliate would be able to do their own hosting. Evaluating the e-learning scholarships, having problems with awardees showing up for their seat and wasting the seat and would like to re-award the seat.
    1. Electronic Services
    • Nothing to report.
    1. International Mentoring
      • Did meeting in RIO. Had reports for Puerto Rico, Pakistan, Singapore, and Dominican Republic. Goral suggested should the IMC sever as the advisor counsel to the affiliates and do work to help make the affiliates health. Three- co-chairs on International Counsel. The co-chairs are responsible for the advising and are not always able to do this, so this might be welcomed provide this was done in concert with the International Counsel co-chairs.
    2. PIC
      • Met in RIO and a meeting since. Co-chair survey was sent out. It was sent out May 27.
      • Completed the DMP template. Will approve on June 10 and need to have some key people engaged. There will be a process to follow to get the DMP template. Want WGs to approve their DMP with the new template by January 2011.
      • Launched project for co-chair handbook.
      • Working on communication.
    3. Publishing
      • Did not have quorum in Rio. Had first post rio meeting last week. Looking at doing a DSTU for project Facilitators guide with project Facilitators document. In this ballot cycle, convert to using MIF for all publishing for this cycle and moving forward.
    4. Project Services
      • Rick reporting, had regular meeting in rio and talked to vocab, MnM, and ArB on the safe/sound project to determine what will change for Project Services. Finalized project scope statement for this and will present it at the next steering division. Did look at their 3 year plans items that maybe due in October.
    5. Tooling
      • Meet in Rio, but only for one day rather than two days. Tooling overview sessions was poorly attended was well attended in rio by very interested individuals. Static model design comes forward to complete and there is work necessary will be going out for RFP. Going out to RFP will have an adverse effect on due date. Want input on Lloyds work on validation and rules for using MIF and anyone could take a look and provide feedback. Reviewing objectives for the education on the tools as requested by education.
    6. PMO
      • PMO will discuss the process for projects that an Affiliate is presenting to determine the best way to present the process. Will review with the co-chairs talk about this.
  5. New Business
    • Monday starts at 7am and our steering division meeting is just beginning at 7:30pm. We are the only SD that meets regularly.
    • Compromise for WGM meeting of Technical and Support Services. We have the meeting in the space, we use the meeting time to talking more about the process we follow and do this informally rather than having a full meeting with a well defined agenda and still meet, but not as a work meeting and more of an informal process.
    • Ok with losing the formality of the session. We do need to timebox the meeting. We should at least have feedback from the TSC. No voting, we will cue things up but deal with them at a later time. Still may need to work just to meet timeline on certain issues. Direction setting voting we will manage as necessary. Not pre-setting agenda items.
    • Keep the meeting to ½ hour. Informal agenda deal with unexpected.